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Responsible Business in the 21st Century

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Can someone please help me with this because I really don't understand these questions please. I think that they want 200 to 300 words for each one so please can someone help me please

Do you think they are doing an adequate job of accounting for all the externalities they are incurring?

What do you think British Petroleum should do beyond what they have reported here to truly account for their costs?

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The expert examines responsible business in the 21st Century. The response addresses the queries posted in 621 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 621 words with references.

//The organization is accused of very high operational costs. The discussion below will identify the reasons and the possible solution for this problem.//

British petroleum is the third largest company all over the world with in the energy sector. The cost of the company is too high and this is a major area of concern. British Petroleum is always accused of high operational costs. They used to account these costs to the demanding operational activities. The organization is required to make the operational activities extremely efficient. The wastages in several areas of concern should be minimized so as to get a hold of the higher costs of operation. There are some uncontrollable factors too. These factors add to the severity of the situation and make it even worse. There are lots of reasons that are accountable for the higher cost of operations. External environmental threats are always there. They are beyond the control of the organization. Oil spills are very frequent and cause a lot ...

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