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EFAS & IFAS Tables for British Petroleum

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Need some help with defining exactly what External / Internal Factors Analysis Summary is and their purpose. I also need to use this information to create two separate tables with information found on the BP website...http://www.bp.com/investorhome.do?categoryId=132&contentId=2004195, provide details about the tables and present my arguments...I've already started the research on EFAS & IFAS, but keep getting confused.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 880 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 880 words with references.

//The paper gives a summary of External and Internal factor analysis of British Petroleum. It gives us information about the market position of the company, focusing upon the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. //

External Factor Analysis Summary

This focuses upon the opportunities and threats of the company prevailing in the external environment. The company can seize the best opportunities and would be able to counter threats. The prime focus of this summary is related to the potential positive and negative external factors. These factors are not in the hold of the company. The organization reacts in an appropriate manner in response to these factors. Two basic elements of the external factors are threats and opportunities and this analysis serves the purpose of determining the market position of the company (Dobson, Starkey & Richards, 2004).


Threats are the unfavorable changes in the existing situation. These changes can hamper organizational efficiency in many ways. The organizations are required to avoid the threats since they can not be ruled out. Some of the threat's British Petroleum is facing are listed below.

Ø Monetary loss due to natural calamities and corrosion in the pipe lines: The catastrophes such as the thunderstorms and the hurricanes cause serious damages to the set ups. The corrosion in the pipelines is also a major operational impediment.

Ø Increased competition: The other players of the ...

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