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Strategy and Integration

1. A (Focused) Market Niche Strategies and focused (or market niche)
2. Illustrate with one company that you believe is employing a market niche strategy that is not covered in the attached pages.
3. What are some of the pros and cons of targeting a market niche?

1. Vertical Integration. Is (a company that you are familiar, with) vertically integrated?
2. If so, is it fully, or partially, integrated?
3. If not, would such a move yield potentially high competitive rewards?

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A niche marketing strategy is selling to a specific consumer. For example, Dillon's targets the middle and upper class customer to buy their groceries and seasonal supplies. They are a niche market utilizing their tools needed to reach out to others, who are in need of food and any other necessary household supplies. Some of the pros and cons of niche marketing. The pros are as follows. They are cost-effective, has the ability to meet needs that are quite unique, use the language of the consumer to reach them, and the ability to assess what it out there on the market for competition. Some of the drawbacks include ...

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This solution foucsed in on providing examples of a niche strategy, and a company that is doing vertical integration.