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    Organizational Culture

    Quality of an Organizations Culture

    What factors contribute to the culture of an organization? How can quality be incorporated into an organization's culture? What are the biggest challenges you would face when attempting to change the culture in your own organization?

    Strategies for Change

    Please provide three paragraph very detailed answers for each question and analysis based on your understanding of strategies for change. Please only take the questions if you have experience in the class or have extensive experience to answer the questions. 1. John Kotter mentioned in the textbook for this class about creat

    Organization Model

    Can you propose a model of organizational culture, structure, processes, and controls to best foster a disciplined, bottom-line-focused organization with the balance to assure innovation and discovery. Apart from proposing a model, defend why it is believed to be an effective approach to the balance between discipline and innova

    Subject on any Organizational Culture

    1. Discuss an organizational culture that is admired and describe the following: ? What about the organization's culture is appealing? ? What values does the organization share with people in general ? Which of the seven primary characteristics of organizational culture does the organization embody? ? Does the organizati

    Organization, culture, goal setting, and personalities

    A) What is organizational behavior and why is it important? B) List and give short explanation of the Big Five Personality Traits? C) Define job satisfaction. D) Define the goal setting theory E) Define multiculturalism and inclusivity.

    Organizational Culture

    1- Identify and select an organizational structure that will be used to accommodate an American compan`s (plastic manufacturer) expansion in Thailand. Identify the pros and cons of various structures potential structures and provided academically or professionally supported justification for best structure. 2- Identify the pr

    Service Culture

    What does the term service culture mean and how do companies develop a service culture?

    Workplace Observation

    Describe the observable aspects of your organization's culture (Doctor of Conflict Resolution and Analysis). Address your perceptions of at least three of the following aspects: a. How communication flows b. Organizational diversity c. Dress and language d. Conflict management e. Organization

    Culture and Management

    The firm's marketing team has never before created a marketing plan for potential clients outside of mainstream American culture. The firm now has been tasked with designing marketing plans for the firm's major products of cosmetics and women's clothing that will reach specific cultures your firm has targeted: Chinese, Phillipin

    Culture and Multiculturalism

    OBJECTIVES Culture and Multiculturalism ? Examine the concept of culture and how it is used to construct group identity. ? Define descriptive categories that contribute to diversity, including age, ethnic or racial status, socioeconomic class, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, national origin, and religion. ? C

    Organizational Culture: Shifting to Population Based

    What are some of the things a person can take from organizational culture and apply that to shifting from bottom-line, short-term cultural focus to a consumer focus and from a non-system, structure to a systemic, population-based, structure in a company like American Airlines?

    Model of an organization culture

    Utilizing your experience please propose the following with detail and specific, please be somewhat extensive with your answer and if needed to cite. Please propose a model of organizational culture.

    Functions and Organizational Culture

    COMPARE AND CONTRAST THREE TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES. b. Evaluate how organizational functions (e.g., marketing, finance, human resources (HR), operations, etc) impact the organizational structure of your selected organization.

    Mission, Vision and Corporate Culture

    How does a company derive or determine its vision? Its mission? Values? Corporate culture? P.S. Please provide appropriate references for statements and/or quotations next to the statements and/or quotations itself. Apart from the references that you would provide at the end of your response as well.

    Management culture

    1. After completing the simulation, "Managing Across the Organization", what are the most important things you gained as a result of doing the simulation? 2. Define organizational culture Define the elements of organizational culture How do the values and ethics of senior management affect organizational

    Organizational Culture Questions

    How would you define organizational culture? What are the elements of organizational culture? How do the values and ethics of senior management affect organizational culture? What elements of organizational culture impact the effectiveness of work teams in the organization?

    Analysis of Organizational Culture

    1. Discuss an organizational culture that is admired and describe the following: a. What values does the organization share with people in general? b. Which of the seven primary characteristics of organizational culture does the organization embody? c. Does the organization identified have a strong or weak culture? Explain.

    Aspects of culture

    Cultural factors impact firms operating internationally in many ways and to differing degrees. Take three aspects of culture and discuss how they might affect a US company operating in any one of these countries: Mexico, Russia, Korea.

    Culture and the filter of the social system

    "Between the grammar of my language and its expression in audible speech lies the filter of the social system in which I live ... " - Peter Farb. 1.What comprises "the filter of the social system?" Define it within your personal context of work. Illustrate -- with at least two examples -- how your social system influences you

    Organizational Culture and Effectiveness: Wordplay Greeting Cards

    P.2 In preparing to change their own culture, Wordplay Greeting Cards would also like your firm to review the culture of their competitors. Your fellow consultants have agreed to help with this project by reviewing some of the competitors and posting their analysis and review for discussion. From the list below, choose a

    How can a company's culture help it to set up a wellness program?

    Read "OD in Practice: Health & Wellness at J & J" in Chapter 9 of your text. (SEE ATTACHED) Write a Word document responding to the following questions: What additions could be made to the J&J Health & Wellness program? Describe them in detail. Must a company's culture be similar to J&J to implement a successful wellness

    Select an organization that is fairly well known to most people

    Using the Internet, Library, and/or personal experience, select an organization that is fairly well known to most people. Based on information obtained at the organization's web site, anecdotal information, and personal experience, you are to: Describe the artifacts you find or recall that define the culture. Page length 3

    Global Management & Culture

    1. Is it possible to understand and discuss organization culture without understanding the national culture in which the organization operates? Why or why not? 2. What are some of the key challenges involved in creating cooperation within the organizations? How are these challenges affected by differences in national cultures

    Strength of organizational culture.

    Some people suggest that the most effective organizations have the strongest cultures. What do they mean by the strength of organizational culture, and what possible problems are there with a strong organizational culture?