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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Across Geographical Lines

Questions: How does organizational culture impact individual values, motivation, and/or job satisfaction? As we become increasingly mobile as a population, geographical differences become more visible. How do you see this trend affecting your organizational culture? If employees have values and attitudes that differ from the or

Psychology sample questions

1. a) What is the definition of organizational culture? b) How do the personality variations of staff affect the cultures of organizations? c) What types of organizational cultures are more tolerant of personality variations? 2. the characteristics of personality are influenced by the following issues:

The Importance of Corporate Culture To Various Stakeholders

Why should corporate culture and the potential of ethical and legal issues be of concern to a job candidate? Current employees? Managers? The community? Will different aspects of the corporate culture and potential ethical and legal issues be of more importance to the various stakeholders? Provide examples to defend your thought

Develop a presentation on the subject of Organizational Culture.

Organizational culture is often discussed from a corporate perspective. However, complexity and size of many health care organizations have resulted in single departments developing their own culture. This is the case with Jones Memorial. This subject was raised at the monthly senior managers' meeting for Jones Memorial. You

Is there an American Culture?

Please help with the following: If we define culture as the sum total of beliefs, rules, techniques, institutions, and artifacts that characterize human populations. And, that culture is learned and shared, its various aspects are interrelated and it defines the boundaries of different groups. The United States is, with th

Define culture, ethnocentrism, prejudice with examples.

Please help with the following discussion. This discussion is found in Leadership Theory and Practice written by Peter Northouse (2007). Define culture and explain the terms related to culture. Define and describe ethnocentrism and prejudice. Give examples to support your descriptions. Explain the dimension of culture t

Matrix structure, linking strategy to culture, EPS and EBIT

I dont understand the following question can you please explain? 1) Explain the matrix structure of an organization and how might it be useful strategic tool? 2) Linking strategy to culture is important for organizational success. Name four techniques for altering culture and explain how each can aid in organizational succ

Ace Consulting global business culture questions: appropriate compromise

With the new initiative to develop global sales teams, the Ace Consulting employees around the world will need to interact effectively with each other. The early stages of team development will need to include a discussion of these cultural issues and determine a way to work with them. All employees will need to be sensitive to

Budgeting Culture and Behavior

A) If sales level were 10% higher than budgeted, how many pounds of raw materials would Bob need to rush order each month so that he can meet demand and the required ending inventory as shown in the budget? B) Why does it appear that the purchasing department is having trouble meeting its budget? C) Is it appropriate to bl

Work Culture of an Organization

The concept of work culture can be challenging to define. It is often described in such ways as the values, beliefs, and ideas that determine how the company will conduct its business. Examples of culture within some companies include "family friendly," "go the extra mile for customers," "24/7," and "quality comes first." It is

Kwintessential Language and Culture Specialists Survey

Choose one or two cultural awareness quizzes per attachment that looks interesting to you. (Hint: You will learn the most if you choose a general quiz, or one that concerns a country with which you are not familiar, as well as test your knowledge of a culture with which you think you are highly familiar.) Specifically, you

Culture, Language, Ethnocentrism, Values & Beliefs

1. List the 5 concepts you are using and give the sociological definition of each and then do the analysis. Please make sure all five terms are correctly defined and identified and described the social occasion. Some concepts you might use: (A) Norms (Folkways, Mores) (B) Subcultures (C) Argot (D) Ethnocentrism (E) Cultural R

Innovative culture: What benefits result from promoting an innovative culture?

Can you help me with these two questions please. 1. Does the firm to which you are most closely aligned appear to be promoting an innovative culture or more interested in control? To what examples would you point as evidence of an innovative culture? 2. In what areas would you indicate that the firm to which you are mos

Starbuck's Culture and Mission

- Review Starbuck's philosophy, mission, vision, and values statements. These are the organization's espoused values (what the organization says it values). - Briefly describe the culture of the chosen organization, noting whether the organization's espoused values align with its enacted values. To what extent is communicatio

Case Study: New Culture or Back to Roots? Lou Gerstner at IBM

"New Culture or Back to Roots? Lou Gerstner at IBM (A)," Read the case study, "New Culture or Back to Roots? Lou Gerstner at IBM (A)," on pages 82-84 in Implementing Organizational Change. Answer the following questions: a. How was the culture of IBM at the time of Lou Gerstner's arrival impacting the organization's ab

Empowerment and Organizational Culture

1. Please explain the concept of empowerment and why it is important. 2. Please explain the importance of organizational culture. 3. Please explain a stereotype and when you might like to use a stereotype for your own benefit. 4. Please explain cognitive dissonance in an application toward your organiz

Culture Paper

I need help to write the following paper: Prepare a 1,050-word paper defining culture. In addition, examine the elements of a national culture (outside North America) of your choice. The elements could include language, traditions, ceremonies, religion, beliefs, arts, etiquette, body language, attitudes, etc. Finally, answer

Corporate Culture

Please help so that I can write a paper describing the corporate culture of a place of employment. Be sure to include a discussion about how the company's culture affects it's performance, recruitment / retention of employees and overall employee satisfaction. I work for a staffing firm and need to write a paper accordingly t

Fannie Mae - Organizational Culture

Hello, I am trying to write a paragraph or two describing for how Fannie Mae in 2004, organizational structure was very poor- hence they ran into all their problems. One idea I had was to tie it to their Mission and vision statement. What do you think of that? Is there a better approach? How should I craft this paragraph? What