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Organizational Culture

Worle Business Culture: Compare cultures of two diverse countries

Visit World Business Culture and choose two countries that appear to be culturally diverse. Compare the culture of those countries and then indicate how cultural differences influence: The cost of doing business in each country The likely future economic development of that country Business Practices

Describe the dominant coalition of an organization.

Describe the dominant coalition of an organization. Is the size and composition of this group appropriate to its decision-making role, given the complexity of that organizationâ??s internal structure and external environment? Choose two influential members of an organization. Use the three variables (uncertainty, centralit

Employee Empowerment Culture & Penetration Pricing

What would be a good example that could be used to show from any recent or current event in the news, in order to discuss and explain the use of these two specific theories? 1. In the human resource area, moving toward an employee empowerment culture 2. In the marketing area, the theory of penetration pricing For ea

Limitations on strategies/ organizational culture

If structure dictates strategy, would you think there would be limitations on what strategies a firm can pursue? Should organizational culture and structure be preserved even if a firm lets go of certain strategies/opportunities? (Example: Chick-fil-a)

Strong Cultures and Strategies

Is strong culture a negative drag on strategy? How do we strategize to get an "innovative" culture? (Google, 3M, Apple are some successful examples).

Budget Culture Behavior

Budget Culture and Behavior Bob Haskins is the purchasing manger for regal products . Each year Regal products develops, a master budget Bob is responsible for the preparing a purchasing budget, which he bases on budgeted level of production .Bob carefully plans purchasing cost and raw material inventory levels tp

Organizational Culture Across Geographical Lines

Questions: How does organizational culture impact individual values, motivation, and/or job satisfaction? As we become increasingly mobile as a population, geographical differences become more visible. How do you see this trend affecting your organizational culture? If employees have values and attitudes that differ from the or

Psychology sample questions

1. a) What is the definition of organizational culture? b) How do the personality variations of staff affect the cultures of organizations? c) What types of organizational cultures are more tolerant of personality variations? 2. the characteristics of personality are influenced by the following issues:

Music and its Impact on Society and Culture

Music has really exploded in popularity since the beginning of the 20th century. With the addition and popularity of radio and television, the public was exposed to sounds they had never heard before. In the early 1900s, families would gather around the radio at night to listen to music and more important the news of the day. He

The Importance of Corporate Culture To Various Stakeholders

Why should corporate culture and the potential of ethical and legal issues be of concern to a job candidate? Current employees? Managers? The community? Will different aspects of the corporate culture and potential ethical and legal issues be of more importance to the various stakeholders? Provide examples to defend your thought

Develop a presentation on the subject of Organizational Culture.

Organizational culture is often discussed from a corporate perspective. However, complexity and size of many health care organizations have resulted in single departments developing their own culture. This is the case with Jones Memorial. This subject was raised at the monthly senior managers' meeting for Jones Memorial. You

Corporate culture and employees

I think the decision to oppose the opposition is dependent on the corporate culture. I know that there are cultures where the management team's decision is a final decision and no other voice can change this decision. If you voice your concern or opposition, it could mean the end of your career at the company. The individual t

Is there an American Culture?

Please help with the following: If we define culture as the sum total of beliefs, rules, techniques, institutions, and artifacts that characterize human populations. And, that culture is learned and shared, its various aspects are interrelated and it defines the boundaries of different groups. The United States is, with th

Define the dimensions of an organization's culture (Alpha Aeronautics)

A friend of the owner of 1995 Auto Sales the CEO of Alpha Aeronautics (AA) has called you in to ask for your help in improving organizational communications. Alpha Aeronautics is having concerns because the informal communications channels seem to be where most employees look for information. They are concerned, especially in th

Define culture, ethnocentrism, prejudice with examples.

Please help with the following discussion. This discussion is found in Leadership Theory and Practice written by Peter Northouse (2007). Define culture and explain the terms related to culture. Define and describe ethnocentrism and prejudice. Give examples to support your descriptions. Explain the dimension of culture t

Matrix structure, linking strategy to culture, EPS and EBIT

I dont understand the following question can you please explain? 1) Explain the matrix structure of an organization and how might it be useful strategic tool? 2) Linking strategy to culture is important for organizational success. Name four techniques for altering culture and explain how each can aid in organizational succ

Adapt to innovative techniques which may not fit the culture of the organization

Task Name: Phase 2 Discussion Board Details: A former colleague calls you and he sounds very frustrated. Once again, senior leadership has proclaimed itself to be the followers of the latest management fad - he thinks this time it's Most Effective Habits of Excellent Leaders - and expects the entire organization to immediate

Ace Consulting global business culture questions: appropriate compromise

With the new initiative to develop global sales teams, the Ace Consulting employees around the world will need to interact effectively with each other. The early stages of team development will need to include a discussion of these cultural issues and determine a way to work with them. All employees will need to be sensitive to

Budgeting Culture and Behavior

A) If sales level were 10% higher than budgeted, how many pounds of raw materials would Bob need to rush order each month so that he can meet demand and the required ending inventory as shown in the budget? B) Why does it appear that the purchasing department is having trouble meeting its budget? C) Is it appropriate to bl

Work Culture of an Organization

The concept of work culture can be challenging to define. It is often described in such ways as the values, beliefs, and ideas that determine how the company will conduct its business. Examples of culture within some companies include "family friendly," "go the extra mile for customers," "24/7," and "quality comes first." It is

Kwintessential Language and Culture Specialists Survey

Choose one or two cultural awareness quizzes per attachment that looks interesting to you. (Hint: You will learn the most if you choose a general quiz, or one that concerns a country with which you are not familiar, as well as test your knowledge of a culture with which you think you are highly familiar.) Specifically, you

Term Organizational Culture

What is meant by the term organizational culture? What are the observable aspects of organization culture? What conclusions can be drawn from an initial visit to an organization? How can you use those conclusions to identify organizational culture? 150 words please, reference in APA format.