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Japanese v. American culture

Jason is planning a business trip to Japan, and it is his first time doing business in that country. Discuss some value differences between Japanese culture and American culture that are most relevant to him in a business meeting situation.

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There are several guiding principles for conducting business in Japan, some of which are vastly different from the general business environment in America. The Japanese culture puts a great amount of emphasis on altruism, team-work and group cohesiveness. Unlike in America where individual identity is sought after, in Japan individual identity is defined by the social group. When conducting business, the Japanese stress compromise and self-discipline in all business dealings.

In the Japanese society and business world alike, an individual's position within a group and in society is looked upon with heavy weight. Status is determined by several different factors, including characteristics such as age, employment, family and business background. By utilizing such a system, it demands that appropriate respect be afforded to those of a higher status than oneself. Foreigners are expected to respect and abide by this ...

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The solution discusses the differences between Japanese and American business culture.