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Japanese Culture Discussion

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What I need to know is what is it meant by gusoku ("My stupid son") or gusai ("My stupid wife") in Japanese, and are these sayings considered hypocrisy in expressing one's self modestly in this way among the Japanese. Do you have any documentation or e-books on the Japanese culture and or the expressing of language in Japan and what it means? Expressing?

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1. In this article the author conducts qualitative and quantitative data of Japanese women and their correlation to specific words. Some of the words used in the document are classified as sexist and dehumanizing. Gusai is one of the words Takemaru referenced in this article.


Takemaru, N. (2005). Japanese Women's Perceptions of Sexism in Language. Women & Language, 28(1), 39-48. Women and Language.

2. In a scholarly journal by Lane Kelley and Clayton Reeser (1973) they explain cultural differences from one country to another. On page 69, the authors discuss rules and procedures of the Japanese organizational culture. They propose the statement of hypothesis that differentiates how the Japanese ...

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Japanese culture discussion is provided. The hypocrisy in expressing one's self modestly is provided.