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Personal diversity Plan

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The personal diversity action plan should outline concrete action you will take in the area of diversity over the next month, 3months, 6 months and one year. Each action/activity should include a specific objective and desired outcome when completed.

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I have a friend who is Japanese American, so I will use her as an example.

In the next month, I intend to learn more about her culture as a Japanese to better understand the actions she takes and decisions she makes. I will read some books and articles about Japanese culture and the Japanese people. At least one of these will have to do with the Buddhism religion from which Shinto comes. I will try to take these readings and apply them to my life in a way that will help me understand the Japanese perspective. Online I will read a ...

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A discussion on personal goals for achieving a personal diversity action plan over a timeline provided in the question. The author used the diversity goals for better understanding with Japanese American friend.

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