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    Human Resources Management

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    Stealing Time and Sexual Harassment

    Please analysis the case below. use internent soucres and site your sources. answers the following questions pertaining to the case Step 1: Situation Analysis Step 2: Assumptions and Missing Information Step 3: Statement of The Problem(s) Step 4: Development of Alternatives Step 5: Evaluation of Alternatives & Recommendati

    Offer Letters and Retention

    Please explain the following in detail? It can be attached as a separate file. I want a clear understanding of these topics because I cannot seem to grasp them. -Why is it important to be thorough in an offer letter? -What is the offer letter's function in regards to compensation and benfits over time versus using it as a

    Human Resources, EEO, and Challenges

    Prepare a response in which you choose your own organization or one with which you are familiar. Within the paper, do the following: a. Identify at least five EEO regulations with which your organization must comply. b. Explain how your HR department manages compliance with these regulations. c. Analyze challenges that HR

    Human Resource Administration

    Consider this unit of this course a "training phase." You are to produce the following: 1. A list of at least five questions that could be used to facilitate group or chat discussion on this topic (i.e. Developing Training Programs) 2. A paragraph for each question indicating the extent to which each question is likely to

    Document for HR professionals

    The executive summary should be a short (100-150 word) description of your project. The job analysis portion may be done in powerpoint only or a combination of ppt and narrative (APA style). Consider using the notes portion of ppt to describe your job analysis. The selection process, orientation for new employees and tr

    Vermont Industries Wrought Iron

    About Vermont Industries Wrought Iron (from their main web-site): Vermont Industries Wrought Iron We are a wrought iron company that started in 1971. The current owners have been here since 1993. In 1998, we were named "Vermont Small Business of the Year 1998" by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Not only are we recognized acros

    International HRM

    When companies staff their international operations, they have a choice in the types of employees they want to hire. Identify different and common classifications of employees when talking about International HRM and why a company might hire one type over another type? Pllease provide 2-3 brief paragraphs. Thank you.

    Human Resources

    1. Explain the similarities and differences between traditional and strategic human resource management.

    Comfortable Shoes HR Professional

    You have been hired by Mr. Johnson as an HR professional to work in his company, "Comfortable Shoes". Mr. Johnson has not had a human resource person before, and has been handling all of the human resource functions by himself. He has now opened a total of three Comfortable Shoe stores, and has decided that he can afford a hum

    Human Resource Case Study

    1. You are the supervisor of a man who is incredibly lazy, and often tries to get out of hard work. Today, he informed you that he hurt his back lifting some files into his file cabinet. He tells you that she will be able to continue to do most aspects of his job, but will need some minor modifications, i.e. a comfortable chair

    Hr aspects of merger

    Your company has just purchased another company that is in the same business that you are, manufacturing cigarettes. The company plans to close the plant that the company had been using in Virginia, and move all operations to the new site in North Carolina, as the facilities are far superior to what the company has had in the p

    Evaluating HR Systems

    "What is HR good for, anyway" is the question that Mike O'Malley and Edward Lawler ask in the July/Aug 2003 issue of "Across the Board" Abstract: "In bad times - and even in good times - HR is uniquely vulnerable. Under pressure and skepticism. HR executives and practitioners have striven to quantify what they do, trying to

    Human Resources: Example Problem

    How do you measure whether an HR strategy is actually aligned with the corporate strategy? How do you know that you have accomplished alignment? What are the questions one should be asking to determine the level of alignment?

    InterClean, Inc. Scenario

    The assignment has three purposes: (A) identify at least five key theoretical concepts from this week's readings, (B) relate each key concept to its application in an organizational setting, and (C) communicate well-researched information clearly, concisely, and in an organized manner. Read the InterClean, Inc. scenario to

    Baseline Pay in Human Resource Management

    Students should conduct a debate on the discussion board to address the topic of the assignment. This is done via an initial posting with your thoughts, and then responses to other students on their posts. Most job candidates are concerned with baseline pay. Incentives and benefits do very little to persuade a candidate to ac

    Managing Growth and Downsizing

    View the Layoff Reports for Northeastern Region of America - Human Resource Management in particular - and discuss issues relating to growth and downsizing in general, with emphasis on: 1) the patterns that you see emerging from the Layoff Report 2) the emerging issuses in this area -- how the problem will be seen in the com

    Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

    Develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage an accounting position. The materials you create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the company meet its goals. Reference at least one human resources journal and at least one reputable We

    You are concerned about the company's largest division

    You are concerned about the company's largest division--luxury--because cost has been increasing much faster than revenue for the last 3 years. However, the head of the division, who reports directly to the CEO, believes that increased cost is simply a result of internal charge backs for what he terms as "overhead." On many occa