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    Human Resources Management

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    Impact of Technology on Global HRM

    Need help on a 700-1,400-word article analysis describing the impact of technology on global HRM. Be sure to cite your reference(s) in your analysis.

    Expatriates Vs. Local nationals

    Situation: In the past 15 years many new firms have moved into Country X, a former British possession in sub-Saharn Africa, although only a few have important market shares. Brilliant, an auto parts distribution and retail subsidiary (SBU) of your firm, is doing well financially the past few years and is developing to be one of

    Joint Ventures

    Imagine you are the senior HR manager of a large manufacturing company based in the U.S. The CEO of your operations is considering establishing a joint venture in one of the following regions: Asia, Africa, North America or Latin America. Focusing on the concept of cultural distance, and assuming that your company will have a

    Team Dynamics Resources

    Good Evening, I need at least six resources on team dynamics. In addition, I need to know how working in teams help organizations/students meets their goals. What are the benefits and challenges of working in teams? Examine how does teams enhance their performance. Thank you,

    HR Management

    You are the newly hired Human Resources Manager for Thompson-Pritchett, Inc., a customer service and sales organization that has been in operation for two years. You were hired to develop a fully functioning Human Resources department which will provide enhanced HR services for the 150 employees and the leadership team. Over the

    Developing a Code of Conduct

    Developing a Code of Conduct An ethical code of conduct is also known as a code of professional responsibility. A code of ethics is a formal statement of what the organizational values are on certain issues. Sometimes the organization will employ a set of ethical codes based on certain situations such as conflicts of interes

    International HR Policy

    I need help with the attached case study entitlted : International HR Strategies: The Derivation of Policy*

    Calculations for Setting Fees

    Exercise 11.2 ( NEED HELP WITH THIS) As the executive director of Advocates for Children, you have had a change of heart. You decide not to attempt to maximize revenues in this second seminar. You decide to exclude a profit margin in the fee computation, but you will include indirect costs. Additionally, the local United Way i

    Information as an Asset

    How does a hotel manage information as an asset? Assess the effectiveness of the different methods. What recommendations for change would you make? If references are used, please state them. I do not need more than 200 - 250 words for this question.

    Company Culture & Training Presentation

    Help in developing a powerpoint presentation for the following: As the new manager of training and development you have been asked by your director to prepare a presentation for the next department staff meeting. At the meeting the director has asked you to introduce the department to corporate values, describe the company cu

    The Empowerment Effort that Came Undone

    The following case studies are found in the booklet: OML Harvard Case Studies Packet. 1. Case Study One Read "The Empowerment Effort That Came Undone (by Lawrence R. Rothstein, Harvard Business Review, January-February 1995, pp. 20-26). Utilizing what you have learned from the assigned readings for this less

    Organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity

    Explain the following key concepts and terminology organizational behavior organizational culture diversity communication business ethics change management Be sure to provide examples of how these concepts and terms relate to your workplace. Properly cite your references in APA format if you used an electronic source

    Discuss: Outsourcing Human Resources

    You just started working in a HR department. Many of the jobs that you were applying for had been outsourced. Your boss asks you what your experience was with off-shoring during your job search. Did the fact that many jobs are sent to different countries to be performed impact your decision to look for a position in HR.

    Impact of Compensation Methods

    Analyzes the impact of various compensation methods and benefit programs on employees and organizations. Relate salary and benefit administration strategies to organizational culture and performance.

    Employee Safety, Health and Welfare

    1. Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Please explain the application and implication of the following laws as they apply to a hypothetical employer. Please do not copy material from websites. Need at least 900 words of discussion for all issues combined. a. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) b. Worker's compensati

    Global Human Resource Management - China

    As a hypothetical HRM preparing for a 2-year overseas assignment to China, I need to be able to discuss (3) specific articles from the Internet about China that would assist me in adapting to Chinese culture while I'm there. The 3 quality articles are requested. Thanks.

    Policy for performance management/people development process.

    I need assistance with the following: development of a policy for performance management/people development process. I do not need any of the other policies. Full Question: As one of four HR managers for the Home Company, you have been asked to prepare a policy and communication and education process for several areas needi

    Collective Bargaining

    Please assist me with the following: First, write one or two paragraphs in which you do the following: a. Describe the major provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act. b. Explain the role of the National Labor Relations Board. c. Analyze the effect of right to work laws on union membership. d. Evaluate th

    Call Center HR Manager and Payroll/Compensation

    Discuss how an HR manager of a customer call center at a major Internet service provider would resolve the issue of Payroll and compensation as it relates to competitive wages. Discussion should include how you would mediate differences among between the functions of Human Resources, Operations, and Marketing to create a ben

    Human Resource Management (Compensation)

    James Richards has an electrical engineering degree from a United States' accredited university. Upon graduation he was offered, and he accepted, an entry-level engineering position at a firm in San Antonio, Texas. He has been gainfully employed with this firm for the last five years. Recently he interviewed with your firm which