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Human Factors in Technology

Based on personal experience in your workplace, please give detailed examples of how management at your company expects technology to improve business. Discuss how your company's current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs.

I am looking to compare this information with that of other information I have gathered regarding the impact of technology from a management perspective and also how it assists (or not) in your company's success. If you are in a management position, please explain in detail what your technological expectations and perspectives are regarding technology in the workplace and how it either positively or negatively affects company goals.

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In my past workplace, we had three pieces of technology that played an important role in the success of the business. There was a phone system that was supposed to filter certain calls to different stations, depending on the service needed. There was also a computer program that held a database of all the customers in the company and that was integrated with many different states in order for anyone from the company, no matter what location, could pull up information and work on the customer's needs.

The phone system was not meeting the business needs and it was improved. While at first the phone system was not filtering any phone calls and all phone calls to the number would ring at every station, now the phones run separate ...