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    You are the newly hired Human Resources Manager for Thompson-Pritchett, Inc., a customer service and sales organization that has been in operation for two years. You were hired to develop a fully functioning Human Resources department which will provide enhanced HR services for the 150 employees and the leadership team. Over the past two years, the human resources functions have been spread among several individuals within the organization, including an administrative position which processed paperwork and the management team which typically handled their own human resources issues.

    The CEO recognized the need to bring in an HR professional who will provide more strategic support for the organization to help them with their aggressive expansion goals. You are aware that there may be initial resistance from the management team; therefore, you plan to schedule one-on-one meetings with each manager, where you will get to know their leadership styles, department functions, as well as their needs and challenges. You also plan to hold communication sessions with employees to introduce yourself and discuss your role in helping them with HR needs they may have. You realize that trust is earned, and it may take some time for the management team and employees to feel comfortable with you. You are prepared for this!

    The critical areas in which you intend to focus initially include staffing, policy review, training, performance management, pay practices, benefits, career development/recognition, and retention. You are aware that with the HR functions spread among several individuals within the organization, procedures and policies are inconsistent within the organization. Through the centralization of these functions under the "HR umbrella," consistency should be restored.

    1. What steps will you take in your policy review with Thompson-Pritchett, Inc? What will that involve?

    2. As you consider their HR policies, how will you ensure they are effectively aligned with what you see as the company goals?

    3. If you find areas where policy revision is needed, how will you present your recommendations?

    4. How do you feel your recommendations will be viewed? Do you anticipate resistance? If so, what plan do you have to overcome that?

    5. What do you see as the possible outcome from policy revision in terms of impact on the company's performance?

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    1. First, I would do a SWOT analysis to determine what practices are working within the organization and which practices need to be revampled. This will also give me an idea of the different practices that are taking place so that I can start to centralize the policy and start persuing a central policy system that all the different departments can use when it comes to HR issues. After talking to the managers as well as the employees, I will get an idea of the issues and the weakenesses of the organization in order to start aligning a plan to overcome these issues a build a much stronger organization with a centralized department that will take care of all HR issues and give the managers and employees the ability to focus on the inner workings and goals of their departments rather than HR issues which are not vital to these departments.

    2. In order to make sure that HR policies are effectively aligned with company goals, I would need to know how each ...