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Human resource example

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Question #1.
Why Doesn't This HR Department Get Any Respect?

Describe what the primary problems are that confront Luke Robinson at Loft. Given these problems, discuss some key solutions that Robinson implemented at Loft. Finally, describe how the HR Department and Robinson could have received more respect from upper management at Loft?

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First let's start by identifying the problems that Robinson found at Loft:
-the retirement of Loft's CEO caused a dramatic shift in the company and its senior management
-the new CEO was recruited from outside of Loft
-HR was of little focus during Washington's tenure and with his departure the need for the HR to fulfill its basic roles developed
-the HR department had to shift from a purely administrative role to functioning as a multi-facet human resources department that interacted with the employees
-employees continue to leave Loft
-recruitment to Loft is ...

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Several paragrpahs examining a case example of a problem with human resources within a company.

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