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HR mistakes in global company

Read the case incident "Boss, I Think We Have a Problem". Then, answer following questions:

What are some international HR mistakes that Mr. Fisher has made?

How would you have gone about hiring a European sales manager? Why?

What would you do now if you were Mr. Fisher?


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Mr. Fisher made a number of mistakes, the first being his trying to set up and run a company in the American way. He did not investigate the local laws and cultures to see what, if any differences there would be in areas of sales and employment. He did not consider local taxing rules where foreigners have to have special visas and taxes are paid to maintain and keep those visas. He obviously does not understand that the cultural attitudes toward work are not the same as in the United States. The "walk about" person is not unusual and should not be dismissed out of hand. The laws in Germany ...

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A discussion of the mistakes made by a company in hiring at a subsidiary in a foreign country. Includes what the HR did wrong, what should have been done, and how the HR could have mitigated created problems.