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International HR Policy

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I need help with the attached case study entitlted : International HR Strategies: The Derivation of Policy*

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I need help with the attached case study entitlted : International HR Strategies: The Derivation of Policy*
How does culture affect the role of pay as a motivating force for workers? Would this issue be raised differently in the United States?
The role of pay as a motivating factor is strongly affected by culture. In a culture where position is a strong motivating factor, creation of positions is more effective for motivation. In a culture where rewards are more effective in motivating employees, rewards should be used. In a culture where ownership is a strong motivating factor stock options need to be given to motivate employees and in a culture where security is an important motivating factor, lifetime employment and retirement benefits play an important motivating role.
In the United States if the pay was lower than that of comparable workers, there would be severe retention problems. The underpaid workers would simply leave their jobs and join firms that offer a better pay. The issue in the USA would be raised in a direct manner. The manager would straight away put the cards ...

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