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Unfamiliar Labor Market

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Consider what combination of resources you would like for effective decision-making within your company if you are to be an international human resource function.

Assume you are representing a multinational company known for being a leader in the industry. Prepare a report that selects a team of advisors for your compensation and benefits policy team. Explain why you choose this combination and what information you specifically want from each member. Be sure to analyze how you expect your company to retain its position as the premiere employer wherever it may operate in the world. I need assistance with the following questions.

1-Report your selection of a team of advisors for compensation and benefits team.
2-Explain why the combination of the team of advisors was made.
3-Explain what information is wanted from each advisor.
4-Explain how your company can retain its position as a premier employer wherever it operates in the world.

International HR Consultants with helpful surveys:


International Professional HR Organizations:

American Society for Training and Development.
Human Resources Planning Society.
Society for Human Resource Management. http://www.shrm.org/Pages/default.aspx

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// In this paper, I have talked about a team of advisors to a global multinational organization mentioning each of the team member. This team advises to the company in terms of company's compensation and benefits policy. The reason behind why this particular team is selected and their role in the organization is also discussed.//

Getting the Best Advice in an Unfamiliar Labor Market

Name of the organization: HRPS

Selection of team of advisors for compensation and benefits team

The team will consists of the following members based on their experience and skills, as they can do well in advising on compensation and benefits:

? Mr. Stephanie McDonald: President, Human Resource,

? ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 466 words with references.