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Supply chain utilizes the idea of "speed to market"

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The agile supply chain utilizes the idea of "speed to market" in order to get the product to the end-consumer as quickly as possible as we often see happen when new technology becomes available (i.e. cell phones, flat screen TV's, etc). How might both the manufacturer and the end-consumer be harmed utilizing this concept? Document your sources.

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Speed-to-market is less important to new product development under conditions of low market uncertainty. Our results also suggest that technological uncertainty does not affect the speed-success relationship. The implication is that it is more ...

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Margaret Bruce, Lucy Daly, Neil Towers (2004) Lean or agile: A solution for supply chain management in the textiles and clothing industry, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Bradford: Vol. 24, Iss. 1/2; pg. 151

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Bergmann, Richard and Ganesan Ramachandran (2010 Mar) Right-shoring: New insights for the post-meltdown economy� Logistics Management (2002): Highland Ranch, Vol. 49, Iss. 3, pg 34, 1 pgs

Based on the above articles and the background materials, answer the following four questions :

Q1. What is meant by the term "Leagility" in reference to supply chain design? (Be sure to explain the relationship leagility has with the lean and agility paradigms).

Q2. Why is information and transportation technology critical in supporting a leagile supply chain design?

Q3. In general, does globalization favor a leagile solution to the supply chain?

Q4. Would you say, Bergmann and Ramachandran's article calling for a global sourcing strategy that focuses more attention on near-shoring encourages or discourages a leagile supply chain design? Explain!

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