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    Supply Chain for Time Restraint

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    Research an organization of your choice, and describe its supply chain. Your description should include a discussion of:
    • Suppliers.
    • Facilities (plants, distribution centers, etc.).
    • Customers.
    • Supply chain partners (third party providers, etc.).
    Draw a schematic of the organization's supply chain with three associated flows:
    • Goods/services.
    • Money/cash/capital.
    • Information.
    In addition, research and discuss the following topics:
    • Supply chain costs as a percent of sales.
    • Modes of transportation throughout the supply chain network (air, water, surface, etc.).
    • Types of warehousing (plant/warehouses, proprietary/private, etc.).
    • Metrics to measure supply chain performance.
    o Cost
    o Service levels
    o Inventory turnover
    o Their metrics
    Finally, what supply chain improvements would you suggest for this organization?

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    Consider Walmart as a conglomerate business enterprise with massive resources for managing resources within a structured supply chain and maneuvering time restraint when warranted for long-term success. Thus, the following assistance is based on Walmart market position and strategic placement for success by an organization of your choice:

    • Suppliers - Facilities (plants, distribution centers, etc.).

    Keep in mind, the Walmart Corporation utilizes several suppliers' positions that range from small businesses along with larger companies that manufacture their product line. Walmart Corporation utilizes a business approach for "global suppliers positioning model" that hones on program membership for small businesses or larger business entities to fostering (a) diversified selection of products for their customers (b) strategic placement in competitive markets to satisfying customers demand over a spectrum of enterprises specifications (try and think on terms of products specific for certain use, ranging, from households to automobiles). According to Walmart Corporation utilizes the supplier vendor program on global strategies to facilitate plants operations and distribution centers along with their own internal distribution channels (Walmart.com/Suppliers, 2015)

    Try and think of targeted customers as middle income population that works at least 40a week or fulltime or part-time that primarily shops at Walmart or any other business entity. The goal is to foster an understanding to the underlying need for product distribution within "certain timeframes" warranted in satisfying demand. Thus, the demographic will hone on primarily income levels, age, and location ...

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    The review into supply chain and time restraint in relation to distribution channel is provided. A schematic of the organization's supply chain with three associated flows are determined.