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    Supply Chain Profitability

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    In 250 words describe a company that uses supply chain management, explain how they use supply chain management and how does supply chain management affect the organization's profitability.

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    The Coca Cola Company manages a $64 billion dollar supply chain (Frazier, 2011). The supply chain begins with sourcing raw materials, which are made up of basic commodities like color, caffeine, additives, sugar, and packaging. The Coca Cola Company exclusively manufacturers the concentrate for all of their drinks (both packaged and fountain) to further control quality, price, and availability. The company then sells the concentrate to bottlers, some independent, but most under control of The Coca Cola Company. By ...

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    This solution describes a company that uses supply chain management. It explains how they use supply chain management and how this affects the organization's profitability. APA reference is included.