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Discuss: Outsourcing Human Resources

You just started working in a HR department. Many of the jobs that you were applying for had been outsourced. Your boss asks you what your experience was with off-shoring during your job search. Did the fact that many jobs are sent to different countries to be performed impact your decision to look for a position in HR.

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Experience with Off-Shoring:

While searching for a job, I found that many of the jobs were being outsourced to countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Central and South America and the Philippines. Organizations in which I applied for were Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, and Dell; however, I found that many organizations were laying off or not hiring due to the outsourcing to these countries because the lower wages and economies saved these organizations millions of dollars. The fact that organizations could hire individuals or companies from other countries, made it more cost-effective for the organization which in turn, made me less competitive in the salary area.

Impact of Decision:

Due to the fact that many ...

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In about 460 words, this solution discusses the concept of human resource management and how out-sourcing these positions is influencing the decisions of individuals looking for positions.