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    Human Resources, EEO, and Challenges

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    Prepare a response in which you choose your own organization or one with which you are familiar. Within the paper, do the following:

    a. Identify at least five EEO regulations with which your organization must comply.
    b. Explain how your HR department manages compliance with these regulations.
    c. Analyze challenges that HR faces in complying with regulations.
    d. Identify your organization's key values towards employees.
    e. Organizations are often faced with situations that challenge their ethics. For example, an organization may value hiring the most qualified candidate while legal considerations may require hiring an acceptable candidate who minimally meets the qualifications. Evaluate the role that ethics plays in your organization's practices.

    Please provide references.

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    I cannot write an essay for you, however here I have outlined my knowledge of how the Florida Southern College applies to your questions. I included the website address and the title of the college handbook. FSC is located in Lakeland, but I teach at the Ocala campus site (part of the Orlando branch).

    www.flsouthern .edu
    - Florida Southern College: 2007 - 2008 College Handbook
    - Equality in pay
    - Disabilities act
    - Gender discrimination
    - Age discrimination
    - Racial discrimination

    The HR department has an application process that allows for the first step of being considered for hire by first not asking age, gender, race, or ethnicity questions on the application. The application is considered based on the qualifications and experience of the applicant. This is accomplished by requiring transcripts from all previous colleges attended and graduated from. The transcripts must be sealed when they arrive at the school and must have the transcript school stamped across the opening. Each applicant is required to submit recommendations and letters from previous employers (preferably other educators) or persons with whom the applicant has worked and who can attest to the abilities in the classroom of the applicant. Also, there is a teaching philosophy essay. This helps to identify those who have compatible teaching philosophies with the school. Additionally there is a disclaimer about hiring under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that accommodations will be made for people with disabilities when applying for ...

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    This solution is comprised of about a 1000 word outline which address how to approach this discussion regarding human resource challenges faced by regulations of the EEO and the legal factors, as well as the ethics involved. Equal pay, American with Disabilities Act, and other interests are discussed.