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Entrepreneurial Issues

Cutting bonuses

European regulators have actively and vigorously cutting company bonuses in light of the current global economic recession. Although some government-related entities in the USA are being subjected to bonus caps, many are moving ahead with discretionary bonuses. Your thoughts? Are these defensible in light of an economic reces

24 Hour Daycare Center Business Problem

Solving a Complex Problem of a 24 Hour Daycare Center Discuss a 24 hour daycare center issues of productivity, process improvement, inventory, capacity, forecasting, and quality from an operations management viewpoint. Discuss how you would solve these issues - How do the solutions interact? Expectations:

Culture within a Firm

Define the culture in your firm. In what ways is your firm's culture a strength and/or a weakness for your organization? In other words, in what ways does the culture in your firm create advantages or disadvantages when compared to the cultures of your competitors? Be specific, and think critically.

Many entrepreneurial organizations have established partnerships in other countries (i.e., Toyota in the United States, Nike in Thailand, etc.). What do entrepreneurial organizations need to consider when entering into partnerships with foreign governments? What do organizations need to consider before formalizing the foreign relationships? How do organizations prepare their organizations for such a venture?

Many entrepreneurial organizations have established partnerships in other countries (i.e., Toyota in the United States, Nike in Thailand, etc.). What do entrepreneurial organizations need to consider when entering into partnerships with foreign governments? What do organizations need to consider before formalizing the fore

What is an entrepreneur

Three businessmen are listed below (along with a brand name with which they are often associated provided to help you identify the correct person): Shai Agassi (Better Place) Donald J. Trump (Trump International Hotel & Tower) Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Network) 1. Research the backgrounds of all three and

Entrepreneurial Advisor

Imagine you are a consultant providing advice to small business owners. There are two different customers, a woman and a veteran, who come to you for advice. Read the two scenarios provided below. For each of the scenarios, summarize the information you must provide to help your customer: * Imagine you are a consultant pro

Leading the Team by Michael O'Neil: You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points that the author tried to make, or an overall critique of the entire article.

Part 1 of the critique is the identification of the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article. Part 2 is a summary of the article. List the main points that the author has tried to establish, i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, se

The Nature and Science of Management

Need some guidance on: Please read Lamond, D. (2005). On the value of management history: Absorbing the past to understand the present and inform the future. Management Decision. London: 2005. Vol.43 , Iss. 10; pg. 1273. After reading the above; -Identify at least two different management theories -From each of the

Evaluating Trends

Imagine you are going into business in an industry of your choice. Assume that your business is located in the city or state where you live. Identify at least three different sources of information you might use to learn more about the industry. Research these sources and complete the following: *Identify and evaluate the

Strategic Human Resource Management

With significant operations around the world, Savannah Engineering, Inspection, and Insurance Company (SEIIC) is truly a global company. Its most significant international operations are in the European Union (EU) countries and Asia. Growth in China has been particularly rapid over the last five years. Because of the highly tech

The Socila Scientific Study of Leadership: Quo Vadis

The attached article, "The Socila Scientific Study of Leadership: Quo Vadis?" reviews the history of the study of leadership and the prevailing theories of leadership that have gain empirical support. Define leadership and contrast leadership and management. What do you consider the 3 most important differences between leade

Job satisfaction and Job performance

Research found no strong relationship between job satisfaction and job performance â?" Iaffaldano and Muchinsky, 1985. However, job satisfaction remains one of the most researched topics in I/O psychology. Why do you think researchers are interested in the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance? How

Strategic Management Relationships

1. What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and strategic management? 2. Using Miles and Snow's (1984) typology of firms, discuss whether certain types of firms have "innovative and entrepreneurial" personalities. 3. How does entrepreneurship and innovation impact the firm's life cycle? 4. Can entrepreneursh

CEO Compensation Case

Read Case 7, "CEO Compensation" (pages 254-255 in the Greer text), then answer all five questions on pages 255-256. 1. Explain the potential adverse impacts on strategy implementation when the CEOs of companies receive extremely high compensation. 2. Discuss the merits of the various recommendations for solutions to the pr

Emotional Intelligence

1. Define emotional intelligence (EI). What are its key characteristics? Why is it important to understand the concept of emotional intelligence? 2. Describe how the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) dimensions of innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk taking can be combined to create competitive advantage for a firm. 3. W

CFO to CEO Corporate American Financial Officers

There has been a trend across corporate America of promoting financial officers to CEO. What are some advantages and disadvantages of this practice (Based on the article of Financial Managers:


I need help in developing a thesis statement and supporting points for my essay's content. Consider your purpose as you plan your essay. The purpose of your essay may be to evaluate, to solve a problem, to analyze causes and effects, or to argue a disputable fact. Discuss your ideas with peers and provide feedback on their i

A Proposal to Implement a Wireless Network Connection

Scenario: Delicious Designs is a retail clothing store with over 3,500 locations and 100,000 employees throughout the world. In addition to their brick and mortar locations, the company has over five million dollars in sales from their recently launched website. Delicious Designs is focused on providing the latest trends in

Conspicuous Consumption, Leisure and Globalization

What is conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing decisions? Think about a high-priced item that you have bought or would like to buy. To what extent does conspicuous consumption affect your decision? What is conspicuous leisure? Examples of conspicuous leisure are abundant on television.

Johnson & Johnson Audit Risk Case

Company is Johnson & Johnson Audit Risk Case The audit risk case involves your participation in activities that auditors undertake before an engagement. Each team will be composed of three or four members. A team leader will be selected at random. A leader can resign, if another student can be found to take over leadersh

Organizing at Dell Computers

Organizing at Dell Computers We all remember Dell Computers and most of us may have used them. It was very successful company. It was known for shipping directly to the consumer, which enabled very competitive prices. But times changed in the PC industry. Dell Computers experienced major losses. But Michael Dell, its fo

Cultural Environment of International Business: Skills, Qualities

Project Assignment is to prepare a paper on the learning you have acquired regarding the Cultural Environment of International Business. Explain how you see understanding culture is a critical part of the management process and identify the qualities and management skills that an effective international business manager should h

What is your biggest concern in starting a successful new business?

1. Entrepreneurship has a fairly high failure rate. What psychological, emotional, and financial concerns might a new entrepreneur have concerning the possibility of failure? What is your biggest concern in starting a successful new business? Consider, for example, about opportunities, money, experience, education, or resources.

Primary source of working Capital

Which intermediary is the primary source of working capital for small business? What obstacles impede it from using other intermediaries? Explain why and how large organizations develop other relationships.

Sociology of development

On the sociology of development (using sociological terms, concepts and issues) and relate it to some of LDC issues. (a) Take a specific issue/topic in sociology of development. (b) Apply the sociological concepts and/or theories to explain the topic/issue. (c) Give at least two examples of yo