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Entrepreneurial Issues

Dimensions of Strategic Entrepreneurship

What are the two dimensions of strategic entrepreneurship, and what is an example of each? How can such efforts be effectively and efficiently accomplished? Formal reference.

What Makes a Franchise a Partnership?

Explain how a franchise could be considered a partnership. What makes a franchise agreement simpler than a partnership that you would start with another individual?

Whole Food Inc's Case Analysis

See the attached file. Whole Foods Market, Inc. Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics James L. Harbin Texas A&M University-Texarkana Patricia Humphrey Texas A&M University-Texarkana 1. As you research Whole Foods and their specific strategies what struck you as positives and/or negatives. Are there certain

Finagle a Bagel

After watching the Finagle a Bagel video, answer these questions. 1. What financial issues has growth created for Finagle a Bagel? 2. What does Alan mean when he says that the restaurant business is a great top line business? 3. What does that have to do with the bottom line?

Challenges With Growth

I am doing a presentation and paper on doing a business plan to open up a senior assisted living center. This will include three separate homes purchased together, which one will be couples, one for women, and one for men. I could use direction with this part. Please include any references you use. 1. Determine the challenges f

Performance Improvement - Factors, Solutions, Intervention, & Evaluation

Read the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. The workers on the assembly line of the WizzyWats factory were not identifying defective components correctly, as the items passed their stations. This led to an increase in defective products, a loss of production, and a frustrated management team. The

Intellectual Properties Of Health Care Firms

Think of two current health care firms. 1. What types of intellectual properties do you think they own? 2. What factors do you think they considered when determining these intellectual properties? 3. How do you think these intellectual properties affect the firm that owns them and competitive health care firms?

Entrepreneurial forms

Define each of the following forms and address the advantages and disadvantage of each: a. Sole proprietorships b. Partnerships c. Corporations d. Limited liability companies Answer the following question and explain your answer: What is the most appropriate form of ownership for an aggressive entrepreneurial firm?

Poor Countries

Part I Select one of the poorest countries of the world (one with under $1000 gross domestic product [GDP] per capita). Research your chosen country and provide answers to the following questions: - Does this country provide exports? If so, what products or services are exported? - What quality or condition is the land in t

Small Vs. Large Businesses: Bargains

Almost all of us enjoy the "bargains" we find at the discount retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. There are operational and business efficiencies that smaller retailers can't duplicate. For instance, there was a bicycle shop on Main Street in a small town that had a lucrative trade until Wal-Mart came to town. The owner of

Entrepreneurial spirit and starting your own business

Questions: 1. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns three other furniture retailers in addition to Jordan's. Why do you think the conglomerate left the Tatelman family in charge of Jordan's after the merger? 2. What do you think Berkshire Hathaway and Jordan's have each gained from the merger? 3. How much influence are

Sequestration and Small Businesses

Sequestration has the potential to hurt small businesses. One example could be the lost of jobs by companies who have government contracts. See Sequestration Hurts Small Business More Than Big Business. Do you agree with the article? Finally what affect do you think this will have on the SBA? How would it affect the business in

Speculating Business Growth

Speculate on how the typical sources of business growth might evolve over the coming decade. Explicate how these changes might affect businesses in the industry you have selected for this course. Support your speculations with examples and discuss whether or not there were any surprises.

Problems in Competency Frameworks

What do you see as a major problem in constructing a competency framework? Do you find these frameworks used regularly in your industry or culture( Europe or Middle East )?

The nature of staffing, legal compliance, planning, job analysis, and rewards

Describe why an organization would choose competency-based job analysis over the more traditional form of job requirement job analysis. What are the pros and cons to each approach? The attachments are as follows: - The Nature of Staffing - Support Activities: Legal compliance, planning, job analysis and rewards - Support

Business Formations Ideas and Visions

For business ethics and dilemmas in the hypothetical business situations below, discuss the basic elements of business formation: A. Idea/vision for the business B. Identify legal and regulatory issues to be considered in creating/modifying this business C. What legal entity choice would you make for this business and

Revolutionary Product Proposal

Scenario: You are an employee with Triangle Solutions, a large firm. Your firm has consistently trailed its main market competitor the last three years and wants to establish market leadership. With this goal in mind, Triangle Solutions is providing significant funding to Research and Development to come up with a new product

Seal Bidding

1) In your opinion, is the sealed-bid method better than the negotiation method? Give an example. 2) Provide an example of a case where you would want, as a bidder, to use the negotiation method. Explain your preference. 3) Speculate on the reasons for the concern addressed in the report. 4) Assess the recommendati

Action Research in the Workplace

Hi, Can you explain where and what I'm required to reflect on in the following action research project? And what should I concentrate on to demonstrate clarity of thought, maturity of thinking and so on? It details what I should cover in the action research findings but where and how should reflections come into it? And is it

Charity, Problem Solving and Future of Social Entrepreneurship

1) I have to review the article attached from the Journal of Business Ethics. The outline of the article critique has to be in the following manner: - A brief introduction of the article. - A statement of the problem. - A description of procedures. - Flaws in the procedural design. - Analysis of the data. - Limited and j

Business Threats

Human Error and Natural Accidents: 1) (Physical resource damage) Disaster 2) (Random information modification) Mistakes 3) ( Destruction of information) Erasure 4) (Systematic Information Modification) Incompetence 5) (Disclosure of confidential information) Exposure Acts of Malicious Intent: 6) (Physical resource dama

ABRINQ Foundation case: Topics: Social Exclusion - Poverty - Discrimination

Questions: -Define and explain the success of the organization -Role of social entrepreneur: Values (what he believes in), skills (what he is able to do) -What surprises you about the Foundation? -What is common between the strategies? 1) Creating and maintaining partnerships: Complex network of key people: Who Have infl

Applying Ethics to Case Studies

1. Jim Smith has worked for the ABC Insurance Company for the past twenty-three years. Jim graduated with a top-notch accounting degree and he also has his MBA. Bar none, Jim is considered by everyone in his organization to be a brilliant accountant. At issue is that Jim's brilliance may be coupled with just a little too much "c

Teaching Entrepreneurship

1. You are interested in being your own boss and have the chance to buy a franchise office supply store that is for sale in your city. You will need outside investors to help pay the franchise fees and other start up costs. How will you determine if this is a good entrepreneurial opportunity and make your decision about buying t

Entrepreneurial Business Plans

Part 1: I need assistance developing 3-4 power point slides concerning financial issues, to do a proposal for a new product called "Green Roasted Coffee", on a presentation for the CEO's of Triangle Solutions and their board of directors. Each slide should have 200 words for speaker notes including citations and references.

What Makes an Effective Leader?

For W. Reed Hastings, Netflix founder: - Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (CEO) an effective leader. - Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that an industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader. - What do you think will be the key cultural or organizational legacy

Perspective of Leadership & Minimizing Leadership Problems

I need help with this case study. Any help is truly appreciated with this two to three page analytical review. 1. Which perspective of leadership best explains the problems experienced in this case? Analyze the case using concepts discussed in that leadership perspective. 2. What can organizations do to minimize the leade

Being an Entrepreneur

Part A: What is intellectual property? Why is it called "intellectual" property? Why is intellectual property such an important issue for entrepreneurial firms? Part B: Identify and briefly describe the three types of patents. Part C: What is a trademark? Why are trademarks important? Part D: What is a copyright? Wh