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Speculating Business Growth

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Speculate on how the typical sources of business growth might evolve over the coming decade. Explicate how these changes might affect businesses in the industry you have selected for this course. Support your speculations with examples and discuss whether or not there were any surprises.

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The industry I work in is sports marketing. We are a sports magazine company with three publications specializing in cheerleading, gymnastics, and volleyball. Although there are plenty types of sources related to business growth, the two that I believe is beneficial to the sports magazine world would be 1) opening new markets for existing products and 2) gaining power in the marketplace via acquisitions, alliances, vertical integration. Both the cheerleading and gymnastics publications have been around for a decade and recently, we've made ourselves ...

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The speculating business growths are examined. The expert explicates how these changes might affect businesses in the industry you have selected for this course.

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