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    Using a Sideline Business to Test Market Waters

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    Many entrepreneurs test the waters of a market by starting a sideline business. What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling items on Internet auctions, such as eBay?

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    Many entrepreneurs start a sideline business to determine if the business is worthwhile, particularly in consideration of the current economic times. When we couple this with industries that are under occasional unrest, a sideline business can save time, money, and resources until the business grows and becomes a main venture. One of the most common places to start a sideline business is on an auction site or on an internet site where sellers can sell their goods to the public (Amazon Marketplace is an example).

    The main advantage to selling on an internet auction site, like eBay, is the convenience. A seller located anywhere in the ...

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    This solution explains the advantages and disadvantages of selling items on Internet auction sites. A comprehensive discussion is provided.