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1) Discuss the ethical concepts and dilemmas that are facing Valerie?

2) If you were Valerie, what would you do? Why?

3) Discuss the types of stressors are being experienced by Valerie.

4) Discuss Valerie's manager, Waters, in relationship to his ethics in handling business and employees.

5) Discuss the aspects of the corporate culture that contributed to the dilemma.

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1. Discuss the ethical concepts and dilemmas that are facing Valerie?

The ethical concepts and dilemmas Valerie is facing are as follows:

Non-Ethical Considerations: Valerie has a need for shelter, wealth, security, reputation. All of these play a part in the dilemmas that she is facing. Whether she tells about Waters or not, all of these are an issue for her.

Ethical Dilemma: Her ethical choice involves ignoring her non-ethical considerations. She either does the right thing, with the possibility of losing her job or does nothing with the possibility of losing her job.

Absolutism: Valerie faces this concept as this theory states "human beings can never be harmed for any objective, no matter how otherwise worthwhile. Absolutism has the advantage of making tough ethical calls seem easy, and the disadvantage of making debate impossible. One sees absolutism reflected today in the controversies over war, torture, abortion, cloning, and capital punishment".

Source: http://www.ethicsscoreboard.com/rb_definitions.html

Utilitarianism: Valerie definitely faces Utilitarianism as she is trying to find out what act will be the greatest good for the most people. Utilitarianism "accepts the ...

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This solution provides an explanation of how ethical concepts and values are faced in a specific scenario which is provided. Also, the solution discusses aspects of the corporate culture that contribute to the dilemma faced in the scenario.

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