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Dimensions of Strategic Entrepreneurship

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What are the two dimensions of strategic entrepreneurship, and what is an example of each? How can such efforts be effectively and efficiently accomplished? Formal reference.

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The two dimensions of strategic entrepreneurship are examined. Example are provided.

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The two dimensions or disciplines involved in Strategic entrepreneurship are just as the title implies first you have the discipline or dimension of Entrepreneurship which basically consists of behavior and action that are contributory to both the identification of and the ability to full use in order to have a profitable opportunity. The second discipline or dimension Strategic consists of actions that are designed with the end result to be the achievement of competitive advantage as well as above average results.

Combined Strategic Entrepreneurship is the process guiding managerial efforts and decision making efforts that one uses to identify opportunities allowing the best potential for high returns and once identified using those opportunities through strategic actions. The integration of entrepreneurship and strategic management due to the crossing of the two dimensions allow for the possibility of increased innovative changes. (Kyrgidou, 2006) Both disciplines have made significant contributions to the theory of management and true their focus differ however they are interrelated and complement as well as support each other. You might say they are two sides of the same coin. (Kraus & Kauranen, 2009).
Since I actually work in this field and as the agency I work for ...

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