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    Can large corporations be innovative?

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    Is the term 'corporate entrepreneurship' an oxymoron? In other words, can corporations - especially large ones - be innovative? Explain your answer.

    The economies of countries such as Russia and China have historically been operated through centralized bureaucracies. Recommend what can be done to infuse such economies with a commitment to corporate entrepreneurship and the innovation resulting from it.

    Are strategic alliances a way to enhance a firm's technological capacity or are they used more commonly to maintain pace with technological developments in a company's industry?

    In other words, are strategic alliances a tool of firms that have a technological advantage, or are they a tool of technologically disadvantaged companies? Explain your answer.

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    I do not think that corporate entrepreneurship can be termed as oxymoron because large corporations can be extremely innovative as well. Take the example of large corporations like Google or Apple that are always on the forefront of innovation from all aspects. Innovation can be found anywhere, irrespective of size and scale of entity.

    Corporate entrepreneurship ...

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