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Human capital & Strategic Entrepreneurs

1. Explain human capital. Discuss how it is developed and what impact it has on strategic entrepreneurship and company growth.

2. Discuss how and why strategic entrepreneurs create value while at the same time earn above-average returns and gain competitive advantage over their competitors.

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1. Human capital is the economic value of skills, knowledge and experience possessed by an individual or a group of individuals. It is developed through training and mentoring. It is also developed based upon an organizational culture that supports, "Innovation, flexibility, collaboration and continuous learning" (Cornell, 2013). In order for companies to grow and be innovative, they must have the capability to meet their strategic plan. This includes having sufficient human capital (people with valuable skills, knowledge and experience), operations and information. Collaboration ...

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This solution explains how human capital is developed and its impact on strategic entrepreneurship and company growth. It also discusses how strategic entrepreneurs can do better than their competitors and still create value. Includes APA references.