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Selling your business

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You bring up some good points. Let's look at one of your points on when to sell the business. There are some who believe that you sell at the top while others believe you sell while you are moving on the upswing. Which of these would you embrace? Explain why and discuss why you would not choose the other.

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This case deals with the factors associated with the timing, requirements, and effects of selling a business during an upswing in performance.

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If it were my firm, I would favor selling on the upswing for several reasons:

- first and foremost, I would be able to show the future potential of the firm, as well as the signs and trends which support this information
- as a result of this data, I would be able to ask a significantly higher price for "goodwill" --- that is, the benefits to be gained from the branding associated with the future potential
- next, I would retain the leverage associated with the negotiation for sale as a ...

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