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    Entrepreneurial Issues

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    21st Century Entrepreneurial Leadership

    1. How does planning in a business plan assist the 21st Century Entrepreneurial Leader? 2. You are starting a business and you are trying to secure financing. The investor you are working with is prepared to give you exactly what you need. However, while reading your business plan the investor stops, looks you straight in th

    Entrepreneurial Start-Ups

    1. Explain how you understand the scope and value of the business plan to investors, lenders, employees, suppliers, and customers. 2. Explain what/how to enhance awareness of the value of the Internet as an information resource and marketing tool. 3. Explain how to present helpful questions for the entrepreneur at each st

    Business Entrepreneurial Aspects

    1) Explain the aspects and importance of identifying good domestic or international opportunities. 2) Describe how to be able to create an opportunity assessment plan. 3) Explain to identify and distinguish intellectual property assets of a new venture including software and Web sites. 4) Describe how to recognize the implica

    Ensuring Security in an e-Commerce Business

    When starting an e-commerce business, the company must ensure that their product or service can be delivered to the customer easily and cheaply. This is indeed true. However: with several organizations having credit card breeches lately, how can an e-commerce business ensure to their customers that the information they provide i

    Monroe Lock and Security Systems

    CASE 3 A. MONROE LOCK AND SECURITY SYSTEMS Ray Monroe was sitting back in his chair in his home office trying to understand why the new venture had not made him the rich man he thought he would be. A. Monroe Lock and Security Systems (AMLSS) had been established about two years ago and offered lock-smithing services to resid

    Project Planning Assistance

    Please can someone help me? This is due in less than a week and I am on a dead line. I am behind on everything and this is the only I have to get done to pass. I am not asking for someone to do it for me but for some help. An outline I can follow and put together please. Scenario You are working for IBG, Inc., a toothbrush-m

    Entrepeneurs vs Investors and the Business Plan

    In what specific ways do investors and entrepreneurs view business plans differently? What about their perspectives influences these varying viewpoints? What opportunities does knowing this create for entrepreneurs who create business plans?

    Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship

    I am having a difficult time identifying an article or case study that demonstrates the legal and ethical issues entrepreneurs face. If you find one please provide the citation and reference for the article and a brief summary. Thank you!

    Appropriate Hospitality Structure

    Looking to the future, choose the best organization structure for a theme park, a 50-room resort, a mid-priced Italian restaurant, an economy 100-room hotel, and a 3000-room casino hotel. Explain why the chosen structure is the most appropriate for each of those hospitality operations.

    Is entrepreneurship based on chance or personal drive?

    Some argue that entrepreneurship is based on chance. Many people will not become entrepreneurs because they are not lucky enough to get the chance. However, others believe entrepreneurs create their own opportunity. What is your view and why?

    Smith: Negotiating with Banks

    Mike Smith seeks your counsel about a problem that has grown out of a decision he made three years earlier to buy a warehouse. Up until then, he had rented three warehouses, where he stored containers and did pick-and-pack for retailers importing goods from abroad. Figuring it was time to consolidate; Smith found a building, neg

    business plan: need help getting started. Executive Summary and Company Summary

    I am needing to create a business plan. I just need help getting started on it. I'll do the majority need help with the executive summary and company summary section so I have a baseline to complete the rest of the business plan. Here are instructions for the full assignment: Develop a business plan for a start-up company

    PayByPhone Business

    •What, in your own opinion, are the key market differentiators for PBP? •Describe your expertise in negotiating and managing government / public works clients. •What do you believe are some of the challenges we face in getting parking authorities to adopt mobile phone payment more rapidly? •Why do you want to work for

    Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Outsourcing

    A company by name bioTD is about to out-license one its product; citofem liquid cytology to Brazil. BioTD wants to maintain its Intellectual Property by controlling the QA/QC of this product. Research on outsourcing QA/QC function to a third party. The cost benefit Analysis versus sending the product from Brazil to CostaRica whe

    Business Ethics of Retail Pharmaceutical Firms

    TOPICS: Business Ethics, cigarette, CVS, Health SUMMARY: CVS, the nation's second-largest pharmacy chain, said Wednesday that it would stop selling all cigarettes and tobacco products nationwide by October, saying they have no place in a drugstore company that is trying to become more of a health-care provider. The move is a bo

    Social Enterprise that Hires Disadvantaged People

    Can someone explain how setting up a business to operate as a social enterprise could help to employ the disadvantaged (maybe the formerly incarcerated)? Is it possible to incorporate this idea as a non-profit program designed for the public good?

    Business Establishment as an Enterpreneur

    I am establishing my restaurant in the United States and I need some help answering the questions below. As an entrepreneur, how do I go about establishing/opening a restaurant reference to utilizing the Generally Accepted accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)? How will I incorporat

    Identify and Evaluate the Reward System

    See the attached file. Review Case Study 11-3, 'Team-Based Rewards for the State of Georgia', on page 312 of the text. Identify and evaluate the aspects of the reward system described for both positive and negative aspects. Include conclusion or summary, Reference Aguinis, H. (2013) Performance management. 3rd ed. Upper Sa

    Online Retail

    We focused on online retail and services this week. Why were so many entrepreneurs initially drawn to start businesses in the online retail sector?

    Product Launch Plan

    Michelle is happy with how the plan is being put into place. The date and time for the final board meeting has been set when she calls you. "How will we know if the new product launch is a success?" she asks. "How will we know if what you have suggested really worked? Since I started this company as an entrepreneur years ago,

    Benefits of using CVP Analysis

    I need help in doing a paragraph on "Provide two examples of activities on how an entrepreneur starting a business may benefit by applying CVP Analysis, make sure to perform a what-if analysis in your situation " please assist I need at least 250 to 300 words

    Entrepreneurial Legal Liability

    Read the entrepreneur's dilemma and the questions that follow. Identify the legal issue(s) and apply legal concepts and possible arguments for each question. Prepare a solution for each question using laws, cases, examples and/or other relevant materials. Identify potential ethical issues and propose a solution for each issue. S

    Product assessment and streamline operations

    1. Analyze the options available for producing the product or service for a Daylight Donut Service. Next, evaluate which of the available options you can take to streamline operations. 2. Determine how the product or service will meet consumer needs. 3. Assess at least three (3) types of technologies that will improve the qual