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    PayByPhone Business

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    •What, in your own opinion, are the key market differentiators for PBP?
    •Describe your expertise in negotiating and managing government / public works clients.
    •What do you believe are some of the challenges we face in getting parking authorities to adopt mobile phone payment more rapidly?
    •Why do you want to work for PayByPhone (PBP)?

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    The main market differentiator for pay by phone parking is that there is no need for coins to pay for parking. The other important differentiators of pay by phone parking are that the company allows customers to track their parking expenses. Exact location of the parking space also enables the customer to directly reach the parking space saving time and avoiding traffic jams. The company also sends a text message informing the customer when her parking session is about to expire. The differentiators are that the customer gets a wider choice to pay for parking, can use mobile apps for parking, can use web application for parking, multiple ways of managing the account by customers, business accounts, can register and use service on the spot.

    My expertise in negotiating and managing government/public works clients is related to my experience working with government contracting officers, prime contractors, subcontractors, and resellers. ...

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