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Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship

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I am having a difficult time identifying an article or case study that demonstrates the legal and ethical issues entrepreneurs face. If you find one please provide the citation and reference for the article and a brief summary. Thank you!

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The public has lost trust in corporate leaders and financial markets due to the collapse of several major companies over the last few years. Entrepreneurs have faced problems trying to attract new growth capital because of the many challenges that private equity and venture capital markets have faced. Corporate governance laws have been created to ensure fairness, due diligence, loyalty, and to ensure that those in leadership roles serve others as they were selected to do. Congress passed the ...

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279-word summary of an article focusing on a legal case in entrepreneurs.

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Guide for Founder's Agreement and Other Legal Issues.

Entrepreneurs run into difficulty or barriers to a successful business launch when they skip over basic steps or considerations that should be included in their business plan. The purpose of this guide is to discuss some of these pitfalls and to provide answers that these barriers pose. Specifically, the discussion will include what is a founder's agreement, a description of the purpose and importance of a buyback clause, and the steps an entrepreneurial organization can take to build a strong ethical culture. Finally, if the entrepreneur decides to incorporate, what is the corporate veil, and how can it be pierced?

What is a founders' agreement? Describe the purpose of a buyback clause and why it's important. List and explain four (4) steps entrepreneurs can take to avoid legal disputes. List and briefly describe three (3) specific steps that an entrepreneurial organization can take to build a strong ethical culture. What is meant by the term "piercing the corporate veil"? How can the corporate veil be pierced?

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