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Entrepreneurial Issues

Discussion: Being An Entrepreneur.

Part A: What is a founders' agreement? Describe the purpose of a buyback clause and why it's important. Part B: List and explain four (4) steps entrepreneurs can take to avoid legal disputes. Part C: List and briefly describe three (3) specific steps that an entrepreneurial organization can take to build a strong ethica

Discussion on Company Downsizing and Retaining the Best Employees

Hi, I need some help to provide a formal outline of an upcoming research paper. Along with the outline, I am required to provide at least 15 references for the research paper. The outline should provide an overview of the major components of the research paper. Below is an outline overview. A good outline will be anywhere from

CEO Compensation - Is it worth it?

Please help with the following problem. On average, CEO's are paid 531 times that of the rate of the average hourly worker. Are CEOs worth 531 times the average hourly worker's pay? If so, why? If not, why not?

CEO Succession Plan

Hewlett-Packard has had a series of major leadership (CEO) changes in the last years. Carly Fiorina was replaced by Michael Hurd. More recently Michael Hurd was fired and Leo Apotheker became CEO. And very recently Meg Whitman (formerly EBay CEO) was named CEO of HP. The HP CEO succession has been very frequent and dramatic. P

Pro Forma Income Statement

Attached is a Pro Forma inscome statement that I need assistance in filling out. The product or business idea to be utilized is attached as well. Create a Pro Forma Income Statement utilizing RMA industry standards. Innovation Technique The company, through extensive research has come up with an innovative product whic

Etiquette and Image Consulting Venture

I need help with the following questions as I attempt to develop a description of a venture. The questions relate to an etiquette and image consultant, one-owner, corporation type business. The business operates only in the United States. 1.Describe your product or service in detail from the customer's perspective. 2.Explain

CEO Obligations - MF Global

After the recent bankruptcy declaration of MF Global, the Chairman and CEO, Jon Corzine, indicated that he had no knowledge of the missing customer funds. Discuss the obligation of corporate CEOs to shareholders and employees to know about the financial activity of the corporation.

Great Britain's (UK) Stock Market

Please help in providing a response to the following questions using Great Britain (UK) as your topic. 1) How has the stock market in your reference country done over the last five years? 2) How risky do you think your reference country's stock market is? 3) Would you personally invest in your reference country's stock

The Industrial Revolution Overview

Think about the social, political, and economic price each class had to pay for the advancements made via industrialism. How did the Industrial Revolution affect the privileges of the aristocracy, the new-found wealth of the entrepreneurial class, the upwardly mobile ambitions of the bourgeoisie, the never-ending labor of the wo

North Carolina entrepreneur blogs a warning to her industry

McCuan, J. (2008, November). A cold call, a blog, and a $20 million lawsuit: A North Carolina entrepreneur blogs a warning to her industry?and gets sued for her troubles. Inc., 28-30. Write a case analysis of the case. Must be in APA format. Must use attached template and use in-text citation

Toxic Leadership Military vs Government Civilians

Toxic leadership is a term used to define an organizational situation where a leader abuses his position of authority. His departure from the organization results in a situation that was worse prior to his arrival. Due to the destructiveness of toxic leadership, the first step in managing this issue is to identify its symptoms

The Priorities of a CEO

Samuelson's article identifies the American public as being "conspicuously complicit" in the ever-increasing budget deficit because "we're focused on our own entitlements." Does this concept carry over to corporate culture? What priorities should a CEO have in terms of providing for his or her employees while also properly ma

Information systems

The executive in your company wants to propose a new information system that may provide a strategic impact on the business by gathering data on competitors' customers. He has asked your opinion about the new system. Provide your opinions about the system. Be sure to answer the following questions: -What would the advantag

CEOs death

You arrived your working place. You have not been introduced as the new CEO nor have your met the majority of the employees. How do you introduce yourself while respecting the somber tone given the CEOs death? Are there key employees you would want to meet first?


Identify which of your interests you could shape into a business opportunity. Be sure to think big. For instance, if you love being with friends and listening to music, a club promotion business might make sense for you. Identify and discuss the steps you would need to take over the next few years to make your "dream business" r

The Legal Aspects of Starting a Business

I need some help comparing the legal obligations associated with the three ways to start a business: buying an existing business, buying a franchise, or starting up on your own business: If possible, could you address the following: - Address the different legal obligations associtated with each method of business start-up.

Transfer of knowledge Models

What are some other ways you will effect TRA using the ADVISE (Analytical, Descriptive, Visualization, Interactive, Split Testing, and Experiential Learning) Model? 1) What type of practices can a person use to transfer, retain and apply knowledge? 2) How could you use the elements of ADVISE in your work or business to be mo

This post analyzes the success of repeat entrepreneurs.

Analyze entrepreneurship from a business start-up perspective. -Do repeat entrepreneurs (people who start one successful company after another) search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company?

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Employees

How do you foster the entrepreneurial spirit in employees? How can your organization benefit from this? How will your business fail if you don't?

Entrepreneurial Perspective Advice

A friend asks your advice on changing his medium-sized company to a more entrepreneurial culture. Recommend the initial strategies your friend should use in order to succeed in this change. Discuss the strategy you created. Formulate and justify three criteria to use when making the choice between narrow-scope and broad-scope

when I see extraordinary effort and results out of a CEO, you can't pay him enough

The following quotation appeared in the Fortune magazine "I have never asked to serve on a corporate board, never even hinted at wanting to be on one. And I have never asked to be on a compensation committee. I suspect that the reason I've been put on so many is that word gets around that I believe in paying people very, very we

New Businesses and Entrepreneur Personality

1. Business Requirements: New businesses require several things to be successful. List out at least five and expand as to their importance, how they can be accomplished, whether or not they are able to be completed by the entrepreneur or an outside agency should be contracted, etc. 2. Entrepreneur Personality: Identify the typ

Uncertainty Avoidance and Risk

1. What is meant by uncertainty avoidance? 2. What are the elements of risk involved in uncertainty avoidance? 3. What are some of the possible social and organizational problems caused by not concentrating on risk reduction? Justify your answer using appropriate reasoning and examples. 4. In cultures with high uncert

Transformational leadership

Provide 2-3 specific examples of transformational leadership that you have personally witnessed or are familiar with. Would you characterize these leaders as being charismatic or not? Based journal article how important is charisma to influencing change?

General entrepreneurial questions

What is intellectual property? Why is it called "intellectual" property? Why is intellectual property such an important issue for entrepreneurial firms? -Identify and briefly describe the three types of patents. -What is a trademark? Why are trademarks important? -What is a copyright? What is protected by a copyright?