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    Business Threats

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    Human Error and Natural Accidents:
    1) (Physical resource damage) Disaster
    2) (Random information modification) Mistakes
    3) ( Destruction of information) Erasure
    4) (Systematic Information Modification) Incompetence
    5) (Disclosure of confidential information) Exposure

    Acts of Malicious Intent:
    6) (Physical resource damage) Vandalism
    7) (Random information modification) Pranks and Nuisances
    8) (Destruction of information) Sabotage
    9) (Systematic Information Modification) Fraud and embezzlement
    10) (Disclosure of confidential information) Data theft

    I need to write a paper covering three of the most prevalent threats of those listed above. Can you please give me a briefing of three for me to get started on? Maybe 100 words or so....

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    Human Error and Natural Accidents: (Destruction of information) Erasure
    Accidental erasure of information can have a significant impact on a business, especially if it is unrecoverable. Lost data can affect sales, revenue, and operational processes and procedures.
    Petrocelli, T. (2005). Data loss and business risk. ...

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    Business threats are examined in the following posting. Human error and natural accidents are examined.