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    Starting a housekeeping company

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    If anyone would give me some honest info I'd appreciate it very much!

    My interest of business is starting a housekeeping company in NY. Now, since I don't have a business license or insurance, I need some help with the following...

    I already have a few clients... but I want to have someone start working for me because this is really tiring and I can't handle all of them myself. Before I have someone start, I'd like to know how I can have the clients pay me directly since I don't want to show up at their doorstep each day and plus they can't pay my worker since I'd be paying her myself. Any useful info is appreciated. Thank you!

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    There are several ways that you could handle this. Clients could pay you via Paypal (www.paypal.com) online if they find this convenient. There is a small processing ...

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    This solution provides business guidance for an individual who is looking to start up a housekeeping company and needs advice on some of the specifics.