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    What Makes an Effective Leader?

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    For W. Reed Hastings, Netflix founder:

    - Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (CEO) an effective leader.
    - Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that an industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader.
    - What do you think will be the key cultural or organizational legacy this leader will leave behind?

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    1. Hastings has an entrepreneurial spirit that engages his mind and his talents. He has founded companies and invented products in the technology field, which gives him creditably as both a leader and knowledgeable. He is willing to take risks, as is seen in his starting Netflix with a partner, Marc Randolph, without knowing if their idea of renting movies, games, and television shows on disk without a specified return date was good. They had no idea if there was even a market for such a product. His previous company invented and supplied debugging software. He believed in internet streaming and introduced that as well, through Netflix, as a proponent of the future. He is also willing ...

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    The factors that make an effective leader is determined. The three factors or characteristics are provided.