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HR: What makes an effective leader? Should leaders change styles to adapt?

1. To what extent, if at all, should leaders change their style to adapt to the characteristics and needs of their followers?

2. What do you think makes an effective leader? List three present day leaders you know about, along with special attributes you believe each possesses.

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Leadership Characteristics

Many leaders lead many companies and nations but all are not capable of leading, as they succumb to the forces surrounding them. ENRON comes to mind in relation to business leaders and the Governor of Illinois is a perfect example of poor leadership within government. Neither really led but were in leadership positions. Both used their powers to abuse and one faltered and the other is on his way to impeachment.

Leaders should never change their style to adapt to the characteristics and needs of their followers. Why? The leaders would become followers if he or she changes his or her style to conform to demand. If President Bush changes his way of running the country every time a protestor did not agree with his style he would not be a leader. If Bill Gates conformed his business thinking every time a consumer did not like a product, he ...

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The solution discusses the factors involved in making a leader effective. The solution is in an attached document in APA format with proper citations and proper APA references. The solution discusses leadership characteristics and what makes a leader effective. It also lists three present day leaders and each leader's special attributes. It does this in 475 words and four references.