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    Understanding Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

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    Create a situations that illustrates what might happen if your research company's entrepreneurial product was brought to the market though intrapreneurial means.

    Discuss the different risks, skill sets, organizational assets, and funding that would occur.

    How would the keys to success would have been different though both situation?

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    The situation I will create will be this, my small independent company came up with the idea of a new product, known as product X. The different risks would be if my small company did it would be lots of time and effort spent on one product and its development; the same could be said about trying to raise the funds for this too. We (our two-man operation) would need the same skill sets as a large company, but it would have to be divided between two people (mostly, if not all), as opposed to perhaps one lead guy and many ...

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