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Product Idea Introduced in Markets

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Using the compaq computer can you go more in detail with some additional information to apply to the following three questions. About 450-500 words. Original only please

Part A: Product Idea
Using your product example from the above chosen product answer the following questions:

1. What is your product, and why do you feel the product you have selected is innovative within its industry?
2. How was the product introduced to the market, and which approach was used?entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship?
3. Give a brief description of some advantages, disadvantages, or challenges resulting from using the particular approach?

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Compaq Computer is well defined by its innovative features which as a result defines the functionality and importance of such a product. Compaq, which is used in the telecommunications industries, has many innovative features that make it desirable for purchase and use. The innovative features within Compaq Computers increase customer productivity and also enhance customer experience. Innovative features such as high availability where a computer functions without interrupting a service despite a failure, another feature being that it is able to recover quickly in case of a failure and also prevent fault or failure from occurring. This is mostly used with Compaq servers (Compaq Integration, 2000).

A newly introduced innovative feature is the EAB software which is used on Deskpro keyboards. With this, customers can be able to use the internet easily, access applications and data easily, access business information fast enough among other benefits. This innovation provides a consistent application across all Compaq platforms such as Deskpro, Ipaq and workstations (White, 2011). Another innovative feature with the product is the uninterruptible power supply that is ...

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The product idea introduced in markets are examined.

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