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    Product Life Cycle: Prius Hybrid

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    A Non North America company select is Toyota motor company and the product is the Prius Hybrid vehicle.
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    Product Life Cycle Paper

    Prepare a 1,400-2,100-word paper analyzing the life cycle of a product.
    In your analysis, include the following:

    Select a non-North American organization. TOYOTA MOTORS COMPANY
    Identify and describe one product that has reached its stage of maturity within the organization's product offerings. (PRIUS VEHICLE)

    Assess the available financial sources (public and private) in the home country to promote global investment for the selected product. (The country in which your selected organization is headquartered will be referred to as your "home country". (JAPAN)

    Identify one optimal financing source (public or private) for the selected product and discuss its appropriateness.

    Assess the available financial sources (bilateral and multilateral) outside the home country to promote global investment.

    Identify one optimal financing source (bilateral or multilateral) for the selected product and discuss its appropriateness.

    Identify two foreign markets for this mature product, and discuss the possibility of extending this product's life cycle in the selected markets.

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    //Before writing about the Product Life Cycle of Toyota, it is essential to know about the Company and its operations. One should know about the background of the selected Company, which further will assist to analyze the Product Life Cycle in an effective manner//

    Product Life Cycle & Financial Sources of Toyota


    Toyota Motor Corporation is counted among the world's largest automobile companies. The company introduced its first passenger car in 1936. The product of Toyota, which is in its maturity period, is Prius hybrid vehicle. It is an electric medium size car, which was developed and manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota, 2008).

    This car was firstly launched in Japan in 1997. After 2001 this vehicle started to cover the whole global market. This is the most fuel efficient car, as it emits least amount of Co2. An electric compressor is used in this new model for cooling. Its battery is smaller in size and lighter in weight. Its air conditioner is completely operated by gasoline engine. This is the first car which is user friendly and fuel efficient. Prius hybrid is a vehicle which has combination of several efficient features. The engine of the vehicle can be operated with both gas and petrol.

    The car has a very effective quality to reduce the consumption of fuel. It has a computer program, which shuts off the engine when the car is stopped and running on a downward slope. It is a fully modified vehicle, which is quite safe for the drivers (Toyota, 2008).

    //Above is the discussion of the Company's background and its history. Moving to the next part of the directions, explanation about the Product Life Cycle of Toyota is to be discussed.//

    Product Life Cycle

    Product life cycle analysis is a very important tool in the hands of a marketer. It gives a better understanding in managing the profitable products and eliminating the unprofitable products to a marketer. As the product moves from one stage to another, marketing manager evaluates and adjusts strategies to promote that particular product. A product has four stages in its life cycle (Kotler, 2002). They are following -

    Introduction stage - It is the stage in which product is introduced to the customers. Product of the Toyota I.e. Prius Vehicle was first introduced to its customer in 1997.

    Growth stage - Introduction stage is followed by the growth stage for the product. In this stage, sales of the product increase so the profits for the firm also increase. After Japan Prius was introduced in the U.S. And now it is selling in more than 40 countries all over the world.

    Maturity stage - It is the stage in which profits increases with a declining rate. Sales can grow, decline or stabilize for the product. Prius is in the maturity stage of its life cycle. Prius was the only car in the product offering of the Toyota, which had maximum sales turnover among all other combination of hybrids (Toyota Prius, 2008). When a product reaches in the stage of maturity, a marketer tries to offer some more benefits and advantages to the customers so that the level of sales can be increased.

    Prius hybrid cars are known for the fuel efficiency and environment friendliness technology. But now sales of the product are getting down in Japan, so to cope with it, marketing analysts of the Toyota are offering some more benefits and seeking for some new markets of Prius (Principal of Marketing, 2008).

    Decline stage - In this stage, sales and the profits of all the products are declined. The only difference is that ...

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    This solution discusses the company's background and history, product life cycle (introduction, growth, maturity and decline stages), financing options to promote global investment, and foreign markets. This solution is 2000 Words with APA references.