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Entrepreneurial Issues

The Legal Aspects of Starting a Business

I need some help comparing the legal obligations associated with the three ways to start a business: buying an existing business, buying a franchise, or starting up on your own business: If possible, could you address the following: - Address the different legal obligations associtated with each method of business start-up.

Transfer of knowledge Models

What are some other ways you will effect TRA using the ADVISE (Analytical, Descriptive, Visualization, Interactive, Split Testing, and Experiential Learning) Model? 1) What type of practices can a person use to transfer, retain and apply knowledge? 2) How could you use the elements of ADVISE in your work or business to be mo

This post analyzes the success of repeat entrepreneurs.

Analyze entrepreneurship from a business start-up perspective. -Do repeat entrepreneurs (people who start one successful company after another) search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company?

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Employees

How do you foster the entrepreneurial spirit in employees? How can your organization benefit from this? How will your business fail if you don't?

Entrepreneurial Perspective Advice

A friend asks your advice on changing his medium-sized company to a more entrepreneurial culture. Recommend the initial strategies your friend should use in order to succeed in this change. Discuss the strategy you created. Formulate and justify three criteria to use when making the choice between narrow-scope and broad-scope

when I see extraordinary effort and results out of a CEO, you can't pay him enough

The following quotation appeared in the Fortune magazine "I have never asked to serve on a corporate board, never even hinted at wanting to be on one. And I have never asked to be on a compensation committee. I suspect that the reason I've been put on so many is that word gets around that I believe in paying people very, very we

help with homework question.....

Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant to write a report for a group of executives from a start-up company. This company wants to create a website as a resource for people who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle combining the best fitness and nutrition options. They will collect articles, tips and videos from all over

New Businesses and Entrepreneur Personality

1. Business Requirements: New businesses require several things to be successful. List out at least five and expand as to their importance, how they can be accomplished, whether or not they are able to be completed by the entrepreneur or an outside agency should be contracted, etc. 2. Entrepreneur Personality: Identify the typ

Uncertainty Avoidance and Risk

1. What is meant by uncertainty avoidance? 2. What are the elements of risk involved in uncertainty avoidance? 3. What are some of the possible social and organizational problems caused by not concentrating on risk reduction? Justify your answer using appropriate reasoning and examples. 4. In cultures with high uncert

Transformational leadership

Provide 2-3 specific examples of transformational leadership that you have personally witnessed or are familiar with. Would you characterize these leaders as being charismatic or not? Based journal article how important is charisma to influencing change?

General entrepreneurial questions

What is intellectual property? Why is it called "intellectual" property? Why is intellectual property such an important issue for entrepreneurial firms? -Identify and briefly describe the three types of patents. -What is a trademark? Why are trademarks important? -What is a copyright? What is protected by a copyright?

Guide for Founder's Agreement and Other Legal Issues.

Entrepreneurs run into difficulty or barriers to a successful business launch when they skip over basic steps or considerations that should be included in their business plan. The purpose of this guide is to discuss some of these pitfalls and to provide answers that these barriers pose. Specifically, the discussion will inc

Validity Questions of Entrepreneurship

Suppose you came across an article in a magazine with the following title: "First-Borns Make the Best Entrepreneurs." Reading the article, you discover that it contends that entrepreneurs who are the oldest child in their family are more successful than ones who are the second or third born. What questions should you ask yours

Entrepreneurial Plan for Online Products

You have been retained as a consultant to Elsa Entrepreneur. She will be selling downloadable information products designed to help people get out of debt as well as some one-to-one financial consulting services. Come up with a plan for Elsa Entrepreneur to (a) build trust among customers, so they believe they can rely on yo

Ethical Conflicts

Assume that an industrial/organizational psychologist is using integrity tests to advise an organization about employee selection and promotion. What ethical conflicts might this create in terms of his/her responsibilities to the organization and/or its employees?

Strategic Entrepreneurship

1. Identify and discuss some of the ways that has demonstrated strategic entrepreneurship and innovation. Apply the terms invention, innovation, and imitation to the Kindle. Speculate about the degree to which the Kindle will revolutionize the print publication industry. 2. America's most successful pizza deli

Create three goals and objectives

An Internet database for small business exporters offers to match domestic entrepreneurs to foreign distributors, venture capitalists, and/or joint venture candidates. The company takes a percentage fee for its service.

Strategic Management: Using a Concise Narrative

Can you help me to answer the questions using a concise narrative? 1. Briefly explain new-venture creation versus corporate renewal. 2. Diagram and explain the entrepreneurial process. 3. Provide an outline of the table of contents of a typical business plan. 4. Under what conditions are corporate new ventures most l

Outlining specific product for advance entrepreneurship

Details: Consider the following scenario: Develop a written proposal outlining a specific product or service idea you have as the product manager for Triangle Solutions. Triangle's company type and product area have been left unspecified in order to allow you creativity in invention of your own product ideas and exploration

Research proposal in IT field

A. Introduction In short, this section is your explanation of what your essay is about, including your initial take on this issue. This is also where you must establish that this is a problem relevant to the current state of your field and/or an issue of current debate. B. Statement of the Problem Describe the general

Analyzing Reports from a Marketing Manager's Point of View

Please analyze each my two reports from the point of view of a marketing manager charged with selling the major purchases discussed. (See attached file) 1. How would the results of the focus groups assist you in the marketing effort? 2. Is there sufficient information? 3. What would you like to see in future studies?

Chief Advisor to Robert Steele the new CEO at Wachovia

You are the Chief Advisor to Robert Steele the new CEO at Wachovia. What business process would you suggest be reengineered? Attached is the case. Securities trading is one of the few business activities where a one-second processing delay can cost a company big bucks. Wachovia Corporate and Investment Bank is addressing t

Longitudinal Case Study Analysis

Write a Longitudinal analysis of the attached; "Oklahoma National Bank" case study. 1. Analyze whether the goals and objectives of an entrepreneurial venture are appropriate, reasonable, and achievable, and explain how they are or are not. 2. Describe the importance for the entrepreneurial venture to differentiate itse

Leadership Styles

Choose one well-known business leader (such as GE's Jack Welch, Chrysler's Lee Lacocca, IBM's Lou Gerstner, and so on.) to research on the Internet. Identify three of their qualities, characteristics, or behaviors that appeal to you personally. Justify why these characteristics make them good leaders in terms of how they influen

Product Idea Introduced in Markets

Using the compaq computer can you go more in detail with some additional information to apply to the following three questions. About 450-500 words. Original only please Part A: Product Idea Using your product example from the above chosen product answer the following questions: 1. What is your product, and why do you

Quality Management Reacting Gone Wrong

Reacting to a Process Gone Wrong Cignet Plastics Corporation is a contract plastics die-casting house serving a wide range of clients. Over the years, Cignet has been a favored supplier of precision die castings for a major producer of model airplane kits. In recent days the defect rate of these parts has increased. (Acceptance

Social Networking Site or Opportunity for Entrepreneurs?

See the attached file. Facebook: Just a Social Networking Site or an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs? In May 2007, Facebook embarked on a venture to expand free services for members. The company invited software developers to write software programs that Facebook members could utilize to inform and entertain one another. As of J