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    Entrepreneurship Obstacles

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    Identify which of your interests you could shape into a business opportunity. Be sure to think big. For instance, if you love being with friends and listening to music, a club promotion business might make sense for you. Identify and discuss the steps you would need to take over the next few years to make your "dream business" real.

    With your "dream business" in mind, determine what major obstacles you would face and how those obstacles might be addressed. Provide specific examples.

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    Some steps for you to elaborate on that you would need to take over the next few years:
    -Write a business plan
    -Research other car rental companies in the area
    -Find an optimal location
    -Research loan options
    -Decide what legal structure you'd prefer to use (ex. sole proprietorship, nonprofit)
    -Brainstorm business name ideas and register that name
    -Research licenses, permits, and tax information needed
    -Research what your ...

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    This solution deals with entrepreneurship obstacles as they relate to a rental car company; these entrepreneurship obstacles are applicable to other business ventures in different industries as well.