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    Validity Questions of Entrepreneurship

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    Suppose you came across an article in a magazine with the following title: "First-Borns Make the Best Entrepreneurs." Reading the article, you discover that it contends that entrepreneurs who are the oldest child in their family are more successful than ones who are the second or third born. What questions should you ask yourself about how the information was obtained in order to decide whether to view it was accurate or valid? List a minimum of 4 questions and what relevance they have.

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    Zikmund (2003) defines validity as the ability of the scale or a measuring instrument to measure what it is intended to measure. This author further noted that if the instrument does not measure what it intends to measure, then there would be problems about the validity of the results of a study.

    To determine or test whether the conclusion in the research that indeed the first-borns make the best entrepreneurs is valid or truthful, the following important questions may be asked:

    1. How accurate was the measurement used?
    According to Burns and Bush (2003), validity is the accuracy of responses to a measure. As applied to the issue at hand, it is the accuracy of the items that intend to determine whether a person has entrepreneurial inclinations or not. The responses are truthful and accurate if the respondents really had the capacity to respond to the items and were not hindered by inadequacy of knowledge of what is being asked or by the intention of not to tell the truth.
    A researcher should therefore be careful in developing the questionnaire to ensure that it has face validity, that is, the instrument really can measure the entrepreneurial capabilities and potentials of the respondents. The items should also be adequate to establish that the person really possesses such characteristics.

    2. Was the sample used really a representative of the population?

    The sample used in the study should ...

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