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    Entrepreneurial Issues

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    1. It may be said that a business plan is the primary tool by which an entrepreneur gets to pitch for investment capital for the development of an opportunity. Is this statement correct? Explain whether you think this is so, and clarify what you believe is the scope, purpose and value of a prepared business plan.

    Organizational Design

    O Explain the importance of organizational design choices. o Describe the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various organizational structures. o Assess the relationship between strategy, structure, and process in organizations. o Analyze the relationship between organization design and decision-mak


    Anderson(1988) argued "Pragmatism, properly understood, is neither a technique of neutral problem solving for the mere contrivance of compromise" Question(s) 1. Brief description of entrepreneurial policy making 2. Brief description of pragmatic policymaking 3. Explain how entrepreneurial policy makers can in

    Message for changes in retail store operations to stakeholders

    Suppose you are part of the following scenario: - You are a public relations manager who must present information regarding changes in a retail store operations to three sets of stakeholders of a retail clothing chain. The stakeholders are store managers, employees, retail customers and the public. You must explain adjustment

    Select an American Entrepreneur (Trump): Role individualism played in endeavers

    Select an American Entrepreneur who appeals to you. Consider the following and examine: His/Her early career, What in his/her background led to a business start-up? What obstacles were encountered in the formation and execution of the business. What role their individualism played in their entrepreneurial endeavors? Accord

    Position paper: Does Leadership really make a difference?

    Position Paper: For this five page, double spaced position paper (APA format), you can select any topic that involves leadership, for example, "Does Leadership Really Make a Difference?". The following is a brief overview of what constitutes a 'position paper': A position paper presents an arguable opinion about an issue.

    Do Franchisees simply substitute one type of employment for another?

    Is being a franchisee simply substituting one type of employment for another type of employment? The answer to this question is both yes and no. First I say yes, because you still have to (in most cases), go into work/ report to work several days a week (especially, especially when one first starts a franchise). Depending

    Discuss Follow up Skills used in business

    In business who do you know is an expert at follow up? What do they do to make them so powerful at this? How do they organize their information? How do they follow up with you? Is there a point which one could follow up too much? What might be the results?

    New Product Development: Coral snake antivenom

    The company that makes coral snake antivenom has recently stopped producing the product due to the cost. The antivenom saves about 7 people each year. So far, no organization has stepped up. Can we believe that a company will make a product where it is unable to make money?

    If Exxon were to acquire BP, what would be the outcome

    If Exxon were to acquire BP, what would be the outcome? Here are the guidelines......Do not need responses for the entire 1-10. just 6-9 Project -- Actual Merger 1. Building the Business Plan a. External Analysis b. Internal Analysis c. Define mission statement d. Business strategy e. Implementation strategy f

    Market research method for the smart refrigerator

    What would be the market research method for the smart refrigerator (A smart refrigerator is one that is equipped to sense what products are being put into it, and may even be able to determine when a product needs to be replenished)?

    Entrepreneurship essay

    "I want you to speculate your future role as an engineer in a world characterized by a dire need to develop sustainable business solutions to consumer and investor demand. I want you to relate your story to readings or theory which adds clarity to the points you make. Or in other words, I want you to read about intrapreneurshi

    Managemnet in the Age of IT Change

    You are a manager with responsibility for selection, development and implementation of a new information system for your organization (real or imaginary, but designate as one or the other). It can be a function, network or enterprise system. Explain the components involved and the process you would follow, from start to finish,

    Entrepreneur Ideas

    1. Discuss the process of identifying market needs. 2. What makes new venture creation difficult? 3. How might one come up with a unique idea? *200 words minimum

    Larry Greiner's article Evolution and Revolution

    I am trying to write about the dynamic nature of the internal, business environment, and how it continues to influence the development of organizations and their growth. I am using Larry Greiner's article Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow� as a model of multiple phases of organizational growth. I need to expla

    Accounting and Entrepreneurial Profit

    Sam quit his job as an accountant with We Keep Books Accurately to open his own accounting firm. He earned $40,000 with the accounting firm We Keep Books Accurately. During the current year, Sam had revenues of $150,000 and total expenses of $110,000. Sam earned an: a. accounting profit of $40,000. b. account