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    Explaining Worldview

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    Why is a worldview a complex of various components and how do those components cohere?

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    Explaining Worldview

    What is your worldview? To answer this seemingly simplistic but rather complex question, one refers to one's own socialization - the sum total of his/her own unique social experience and life history - religion, beliefs, travels, education, positions, philosophy, preferences, parenting, group membership, political views and affiliations, cultural background, etc. in order to arrive at one's worldview. Simply put its one person's perception of the world and is usually rooted in culture influenced by socio-geographical experience and cultural membership/history. This term is borrowed from the German word Weltanschauung where welt means world and anschauung means view or outlook. It is encompassing of emotions, ethics, themes, values, existential and normative philosophies as it refers to the cognitive orientation and anchoring of an individual and the society he belongs to because from it, from said 'position' the manner by which he thinks and reacts to the social realities in his society and globally happens. In an essence, a worldview is the result of one's socialization for the 'individual' and 'personality' as well as 'identity' that results to the summation of social experience, biology, physiology and psychic reality becomes the 'framework' from which individuals and social groups decide and interpret the reality and events before them and this is also the basis from which they decide how to react. As an ontological framework (a descriptive model from which to 'view' things), a worldview is influenced by these elements:

    1. An explanation of the world - it comes in form of a belief system (i.e. Christian) or a philosophy (i.e. Confucianism) or a paradigm of knowledge (i.e. science);
    2. A position or view that answers the question of purpose or destination, a futurology of a people (i.e., in Christian views - we are heading towards a destiny prepared by God and to do well in it, we must follow ...

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