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    Personal worldview and Research Mindset

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    Have you ever heard the expression that someone is "right-brained" or "left-brained"? This notion implies that there are multiple ways of viewing the world or of perceiving reality. How you perceive the world may influence your thinking and perspective in ways that go beyond the obvious. For a researcher, it is critical to recognize one's worldview and the perspectives that derive from it. One means of doing this is to conduct a personal inventory.


    What is your "Personal Worldview and Your Research Mindset"?

    You can incorporate ideas and concepts from the readings about practitioner and professional doctorates as well.

    The entire statement should be 2 to 3 paragraphs long, or range between 400-600 words.

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    Personal Worldview and Research Mindset

    Like everyone else, I too have a personal worldview which is my philosophy of life. My personal worldview includes God, knowledge and ecology. There have been changes in my worldview based on changes which have taken place around me. For example after 9/11 incident I am not too sure of anything anymore. It has made my belief in God even stronger and that nothing is permanent. We should life our life to the fullest but we should not do anything which would make us doubt on our own actions. I try to shape my life around values which are based ...

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    Everybody has a different way of looking at the world. The document outlines a specific worldview which includes three parameters.