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    Redesigning the organization's activities, roles, structure

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    Redesigning the organization's activities, roles, structure and performance measurement, management, and improvement planning.

    The TS Group case study does not discuss any of these activities. Suppose you were with the ERP consulting company. Write a memo to Ben Tang and enumerate your concerns about negative effects you anticipate on the ERP system due to the current organizational structure, measurements, and reward systems. You know that Tang has some influence with the Steering Committee, so outline three or four "quick win" changes he could propose and how he might "sell" them to the divisional general managers

    about 500 words, six references

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    The TS Group case study: You should detail the specific negative effects that you feel will effect the ERP system because of the present organizational structure, measurements and reward systems. You can present it in a memo form as this.
    To: Ben Tang, MIS Manager
    From: Officer, ERP Consulting Company
    Date: October 4, 2010
    Subject: Negative effects of the ERP and proposed changes.
    It has been observed the new Enterprise Resource Planning System has been launched in the TSG group not much importance has been given to the TSG group's activities, roles, structure, performance measurement, management, and improvement planning. The lack of a systematic effort to these issues in the people's phase can lead to serious negative effects on the ERP system. I would like to suggest some quick changes that will improve the implementation and help persuade the divisional general managers change over to the new system.

    There are several negative effects that the TS Group that I anticipate when the ERP system is implemented. First I feel that the ERP System has the effect of making the divisional General Managers threatened because it makes them feel that their position is threatened. Further, the general managers as well as other employees feel that there is a hidden purpose behind the implementation of the ERP System. The most obvious guess is that the employees feel that they ...

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