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    Success of an Entrepreneur

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    Choose a successful entrepreneur with a successful business that interests you. The entrepreneur may be someone you know or you may select an entrepreneur from the list of entrepreneurs located at http://www.empact100.com/list or http://www.topbusinessentrepreneurs.com/. Then, address the following elements:

    Business profile. Interview or research the business owner online, and answer the following questions (Hint: Answer as many questions as possible.):

    What size is the business? How many employees are there? (If possible, identify the revenue base.)
    How long did it take the business to make a profit?
    Why did the entrepreneur decide to go into business? How many years has the entrepreneur been in business?
    What main product or service does the entrepreneur sell?
    Who was the first client?
    Who are the entrepreneur's customers?
    You may address other questions you want related to the business profile.

    Owner profile. Now, interview or research the business owner to find out more about his or her personality. Answer questions that will help you develop a personal profile about him or her. The following are a few questions to consider beginning with:
    What is the entrepreneur's background?
    Identify 2 advantages of owning this business?
    Identify 2 disadvantages of this business?
    How did the entrepreneur prepare for his or her business? Does the entrepreneur have specific training or a degree?
    How might the entrepreneur stay current with innovations and technologies in his or her industry and for his or her business?
    You may address any other questions you want related to the owner's profile.

    Write an analysis. Separate the sections between the business profile and owner's profile. Then, complete the following:
    Write an overview of the business and the owner from your interview.
    Summarize any connections between the business and the owner's profile.
    Were you surprised by the owner's background relative to the business he or she owns? Create a profile by detailing the business, owner, and summary of your analysis.

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    Beachbody & Carl Daikeler

    Owner Profile: Carl Daikeler

    Mr. Daikeler, the entrepreneur behind Beachbody, the global health and wellness company, started in the infomercial business. He earned a B.S. in corporate organizational media but had no idea what to do with it. Mr. Daikeler worked for every major infomercial marketer before embarking on his own. His first product, in the 1980s, was for the accounting industry, but he also produced commercials for dating services and eight-minute abdominal workouts.

    Mr. Daikeler claims he was always trying to overcome his dislike for exercise in developing fitness videos. Eventually, he paired up with a fellow infomercial marketer, Jon Congdon, to help start a fitness company. It was not until 1998 when Mr. Daikeler convinced 20 angel investors to support the launch of Beachbody, that the company started taking off. Now, the business boasts, "more than 10 million satisfied customers and generates over $1.3 billion in sales" (Beachbody.com, 2012). Mr. Daikeler has a knack for developing talent, from Tony Horton (P90X) to Shaun T (INSANITY) to Kathy Smith.

    Mr. Daikeler understands the importance of changing the format of the workout to keep participants interested and build a broader customer base, while continuing to increase sales. He is ultimately a showman, figuring out the next turn he can take to continue on a path to success. He equates workout delivery to producing a fashion line, with the constant need for the fresh and new. In 2007, Mr. Daikeler began accruing a database of people interested in fitness and weight loss, which now boasts over 7 million people. Mr. Daikeler is using this database to recruit distributors and expand his products worldwide. In addition, Mr. Daikeler is a self-marketer, utilizing a blog, Twitter account, and social media to promote himself, along with the company. Mr. Daikeler is currently the CEO and Chairman of Beachbody.

    The ...

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