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    Describe the characteristics of an entrepreneur

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    What are some of an entrepreneur's leadership traits? Research and write on a few successful/unsuccessful entrepreneurs?

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    An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new business, mostly small and is willing to risks time and effort to run the business using personal funds. An entrepreneur leadership traits are self-motivative, flexible, passionate, and risk-taking.

    The motivation for an entrepreneur is to be a boss, create a vision, set goals, and operate the business on their own. However, there are disadvantages of being an entrepreneur, such as handling the workload alone, bearing all business risks, and receiving an irregular salary.

    According to Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor (2017), the United States has more entrepreneurship than other countries. For example, 70 percent of Americans adults are entrepreneurs compared to 46 percent of Western Europe, and 58 percent of Canada. Two of America's successful entrepreneurs are ...

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    An entrepreneur is an individual who creates and operates a business with limited resources, and who is a risk-taker being responsible for the daily functions of the company.